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Abortion is just one of the many ethical problems that face the world in the present day. The controversy surrounding abortion has rendered it a thorny issue, and elicited a heated debate questioning the moral grounds of the practice. On the other hand, the complex nature of the issue in addition to the strong arguments it evokes, has made it difficult to reach a middle ground. This has led to the emergence of two factions with differing opinions on the issue. On one side, there are those who argue strongly against abortion. This group of people is referred to as the pro life. On the contrary, there are those who are for abortion and will go into lengths to give good reasons for it. People with such views on abortion are called pro abortion. These two factions will present strong arguments in support of what they belief is right. A pro abortionist will convince you that it is morally right for a woman to carry out an abortion for reasons such as when the health of the mother in danger, avoiding problems of single parenthood, financial constrains, among others. I was once surprised when a certain pro abortionist used to the bible in trying to convince me that abortion is moral. A pro life respects the sanctity of life, and he will fight tooth and nail to protect it, in particular, that one of an innocent fetus. As a pro life, I will strive to argue for the need to protect life by presenting arguments showing the ugly side of abortion. On the other hand, it is paramount to acquaint ourselves with what entails abortion in order to gain a deep insight into the issue.

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Abortion is the act of killing a fetus that is in the uterus by expelling it or removing it. This is done through termination of pregnancy, which results in the death of the fetus. The process can either be induced or can occur spontaneously due to complications during pregnancy. There are two categories of abortion, which are elective and therapeutic. The latter involves the induction of abortion for the intentions of preserving the life of the mother, whereas the former entails inducing abortion for any other reason. Elective abortion is regarded as morally wrong. It is worth noting that there have been a number of cases of death of mothers when abortion is performed outside a medically unsafe environment. In the same way, abortions performed by quacks with inadequate medical skills put the lives of mothers at risk. Information from surveys carried out every year indicates that estimated fifty million abortions are carried out with half of them done in unsafe ways. Abortion also has a long history which indicates that various methods can be used to induce it. For example, abortion can be carried out using herbs, sharp objects, physical trauma and other traditional methods. On the contrary, contemporary medicine utilizes medications and surgeries to carry out abortion. On the other hand, the issue of abortion has drawn prominent and divisive public controversy. Scores of nations have the concept of abortion taking a centre stage in their politics. Take, for example, a country like the United States of America, the clash between pro abortion, as well as pro life, have proved hectic for the government in the formulation of laws on the issue because each side wants its views to be incorporated in the laws.  It is worth noting that with the introduction of family planning methods and contraceptives, have led to a significant reduction of cases of abortion.

My arguments of pro-choice

The factors that inform my decisions to choose preserving the life of a child, as opposed to terminating it are many. They range from the belief that life is sacred, the detrimental health effects on health that abortion carries, to the religious beliefs that I subscribe to.

To begin with, I regard the sanctity of life as sacred, and that it was given by God. It is; therefore, morally wrong to deny the fetus a chance to live. The unborn child might turn out later to be an influential person in the society who will touch many lives. The deprivation of life, not to mention the pain that the fetus feels, ought to be considered before an abortion is carried out.

Those who argue that abortion is justifiable for the pregnancies that occur as a result of rape ought to bear with the circumstances because there are other children born under such circumstances and they end up being successful in life. If such individuals were aborted, then they would have been denied lives.

Another reason for my argument against abortion is the fact that women might experience ectopic pregnancies or even infertility in late life. This is because of damaging organs such as ovaries during abortions. Due to the fragile nature of these organs, women who have aborted might experience reproductive complications in the future. These women also risk experiencing ectopic pregnancy, a condition in which the baby grows in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. This puts the child as well as the mother at high risks of dying. Abortion might also lead to complications which might permanently render a woman incapable of giving birth again.

Moreover, from what I have witnessed, the chances of miscarriages are high among women who have carried out abortions. This might be explained by the reproductive system that is damaged during abortion. It makes women suffer psychological because they cannot keep the pregnancy at the time they need the most. There are also other cases where mothers give birth to malformed children. These incidences are in most cases shaped by past abortions.

In addition, medical grounds also inform my arguments against abortion. This is because abortion is tipped to carry medical problems such as breast cancer. Medical experts have established a link between breast cancer and abortion. The development of cancer may occur due to the breast tissues that are dangerously stimulated and in an undifferentiated state.

Those who argue that abortion ought to be carried out on the grounds that the child is disabled are totally wrong. They ought to show love, as well as compassion for the child. Mothers of such babies are supposed to be patient for six years, but if the suffering persists, then they have the right to terminate the life. Mothers who cite metal instability are not in any case morally justified to carry out an abortion because they should not have consented to having sex in the first place.

Lastly, abortion carries with it serious psychological effects. There exist many aspects of emotions that interfere with the psychological well being of mothers who carry out abortions. The lives of these women are characterized by guilt feelings, depression, anger, and even sometimes suicidal thoughts. The belief that abortion gets women relieved is misplaced, because it instead gets them into deep anxiety and confusion.

In conclusion, the essay has presented the reasons why abortion is supposed to be shunned at all costs. These factors are reason enough to convince women to choose life, as opposed to terminating it. The pro abortion should cross the floor and uphold the sanctity of life.


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