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Abortion is the termination of pregnancy in the course of development of the infant before birth. The fetus is removed from the womb before its viability. There have been several contributions by different persons regarding this practice. It is regarded by some as bad and unacceptable while others support it fully. The process is actually not right and must be opposed at all costs. We should be responsible individuals who seek to uphold the importance of life and so should protect it. Abortions is not only ungodly but is also unclean and an unhealthy practice.

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The topic on abortion has been a controversy in the United States of America year in year out. It has been a subject of debate in schools, churches, families and other places. This simply shows that people are concerned about the issue o abortion. Mixed reactions have been elicited as a result. Couples have often quarreled over abortion with one partner wanting to do it and the other refusing the practice. The government has taken specific interest in the topic too in its bid to work to the best interest of the people who voted it in. Corporations have also taken charge with many supporting initiatives that seek to protect lives. Human rights groups are also very concerned about the practice with the majority saying abortion is wrong because it infringes on the helpless child’s rights. The positions are quite diverse. We have actually seen laws in different states being repealed to include abortion as rightful. Whichever the case however, many people   strongly believe that abortion is wrong and it must certainly not be entertained (Lynn 1967)

One reason why people oppose abortion is that it encourages irresponsibility. This is common among the young people who are not yet ready to sire and bring up children. They however engage in irresponsible sexual behavior with the idea in mind that in case of pregnancy they will abort the fetus. They fail to use protection during sex and this often result to pregnancy. Students in school do not mind about their future and education as they engage in the irresponsible behavior simply because they know that pregnancy cannot be an impediment to them in achieving their goals in life. They simply consult persons with the expertise to conduct the abortion process on them after which they are satisfied thinking they will live a normal life just like their friends. The process has also encouraged behaviors that contradict morality such as taking a lot of alcohol and drugs.  The culprits are sometimes even raped and taken advantage of when drunk. They however do not fear getting pregnant in the event of them being taken advantage of since they know they will simply conduct the abortion process and by that be safe. By accepting abortion, we are allowing our youth especially to indulge in irresponsible behavior since they will escape. This will be a case of allowing our morals to slowly get eroded (Leslie Reagan 1988)

The process of abortion also happens to be against the will of God. Most religions be it Christian or Islam respect the sanctity of life. This is sufficient because they believe God created man and put him on earth to be in-charge of all other creations. Religion also has it that death was commanded by God as something compulsory and therefore a part of life. In this respect life is something very sacred and special in the eyes of God. It is only God who bears the right of taking away a person’s life and this is certainly through death. Removing the fetus from the womb is terminating life and is very improper. It is a complete disregard to the sanctity of life and must thus be stopped.  Religion also has it that people will be judged according to their deeds. This is very clear in the bible and the Holy Koran. Killing a child prematurely is murder which is against the commandments of God. It shows disregard to the existence of God and is also a sign of disobedience. We must strive to respect life and ensure it is protected. We must also seek and work towards respecting God and His word. This is possible through protecting the right of an unborn child to live. By this, we shall be showing great regard to God (Jack 1993)

The process of abortion is also to be totally discouraged since it leads to loss of life. The process is carried out whereby the person conducting it inserts a sharp object through the birth canal of the female. The sharp object could be a surgical needle or any other means. The sharp object then is used in destroying the unborn child by piercing on its head and body severally. The child of course cannot survive this inhumane treatment and it therefore loses its life. This process is indeed very unfair to the child who bleeds and is then removed using a suction that creates a region of pressure imbalance between the female’s womb and the outside. The child is then expelled out of the female’s womb into the suction. It is then disposed of. This process has led to the loss of lives of many children all over the world. Research shows that so many female commit abortions even without the knowledge of their spouses. They do this in secrecy and some are actually married. Such children would have probably become great men and women in society. We are robbed of very valuable assets thanks to abortion. People strongly stand to oppose abortion because if allowed we might end up losing very important individuals who would have made generous contributions towards improving the world (Leslie, 1998)

I also strongly oppose the process of abortion because it is dangerous. As I have stated above, the process involves the killing of an infant through very harsh means. The person conducting it inserts a sharp object through the birth canal of the female. The sharp object could be a surgical needle or any other means. The sharp object then is used in destroying the unborn child by piercing on its head and body severally. The child of course cannot survive this inhumane treatment and it therefore loses its life. This process is indeed very unfair to the child who bleeds and is then removed using a suction that creates a region of pressure imbalance between the female’s womb and the outside. The child is then expelled out of the female’s womb into the suction. It is then disposed of. This process involves very complicated physiological mechanisms. It also results into hormonal imbalances making it very dangerous. The surgical instruments in addition to harming the unborn child also harm the mother’s body. This is because it is inserted through the birth canal. It also distorts the womb causing damage to the walls of the uterus. Such a case is very dangerous and may affect successive pregnancies. This is because after fertilization, implantation may fail to occur on the already damaged uterine walls. This makes it dangerous a dangerous process to the mother who may in the future have the intention to bear children (John Danz 1974))

In addition to this process is wrong because it infringes on the rights of the child. A child has the right to live. Just like any other person, the law recognizes an unborn child as very important and with the right therefore to live and survive to the future. It also recognizes the child as having the right to good education. This means the parent should take the child to school so that he or she receives good education which will be beneficial to him or her in the future. The child reserves the right to adequate parental care. Parents must not escape their responsibilities. They are charged with the responsibility of ensuring their children receive all these rights. Terminating the life of such a child therefore is infringing on his rights. He or she is not able to enjoy the privileges that come with being born and brought up to feel his rights as a citizen of the country he was born and brought up in (Lynn 1967)

There has been concern that abortion wastes tax-payers money and thus should be made illegal. Tax payers pay taxes every month on the income they receive as salaries or from business proceeds. There is also taxation imposed on goods that an individual wants to import from other countries. This money is used by the government to offer useful services to citizens. Such services include providing good education to students in schools. This takes the form of using money collected from taxes in paying teachers, building schools, equipping laboratories and giving grants to needy students. The government also uses this money to provide health care facilities. Such facilities include qualified doctors and medical personnel. It also includes paying for drugs so that they come in subsidized prices to the citizens. It is important that the services be provided to the citizens. The money raised from taxes should not go into supporting abortion in the clinics. It is an insult to tax payers who pay money to help them. It would be ironical to use this money in other activities that show total disregard to human life. It contradicts their expectations (Reagan 2005)

So many groups of people have come up strongly against abortion. Religious institutions and church leaders especially say that life must be respected. It should be a collective responsibility of many stake holders for this to be achieved. The government especially must take charge and be on the fore-front in protecting its citizens. Making abortion unlawful and illegal one such way to fight it (Roe V. Wade (1973).

Looking at the other side of the coin however, one might think the practice is noble. There have been concerns among certain groups of people that the practice is healthy. These persons argue that it allows the mother to exercise her rights and freedoms. They say that the mother has the right to dictate what exactly happens on her body. Making abortion illegal fails to guarantee the mother that freedom. This however is ridiculous to the group that is against abortion because they claim the same mother is discouraged from consuming narcotics and other drugs which may harm the unborn child. According to them, making abortion legal on these grounds is ridiculous and complete exercise of double standards.

It is also presumed that rape is a powerful healer for rape cases. Supporters claim that mothers who are raped by unknown assailants will live to go through the trauma even forever whenever they see the child. They therefore stand strongly to say that abortion should be legalized. The same case applies to mothers who have suffered incest. This is the defilement of a mother by a family member say for example, a brother. This also happens to be very traumatizing to such a mother if they carry the child to birth.

Whichever the case majority of the public still feels that incest and rape are not a complete reason why abortion should be allowed in the society. They say that it is important for the government to legislate laws that seek to oppose the practice and that those found conducting the process be sentenced to imprisonment (Samuel, 1995)

The stake holders actively engaged in the debate are many. Such include religious leaders. These people are against abortion saying it does not live to the expectations and commandments of God. They say that it must not be allowed to creep into the society because by so doing, we shall be allowing a different form of murder. The difference according to them is because in this case we are dealing with an unborn child. They say that the command they received was to spread the gospel to all nations and as such not to mislead people. Even worse would be to allow misleading ideas to get into people’s minds because by so doing they shall be acting contrary to the command they received. Religious leaders have used different forums to communicate this opinion. They particularly write a lot about the same in their periodicals and magazines. They use illustrations and diagrams to catch the attention of readers. They for example may use a diagram of a child pleading for mercy from the mother and begging that aborting it will contravene her ambitions to become the future American President. Of course this is not practical but the religious leaders use this forum to communicate that abortion leads to the termination of life for persons who would have turned very useful in the society in the future.  The leaders also make use of the radio and TV forums to communicate their opinion. More important to them also is the pulpit forum. They use it to talk strongly against abortion as they preach in church and in other areas of worship. This has seen many people rise in support of the religious leaders taking to the opinion that it should be made illegal at all costs (Joseph 1998)

Human rights activists are split about the abortion matter. There are those that oppose abortion claiming it infringes on the right of the child to live. They argue that terminating pregnancy is murder conducted to a helpless being. They strongly say that such persons who do commit abortion should be prosecuted in a court of law on counts of murder. They should also pay for infringing on the rights of an American child though not yet born. This has raised concern on other persons who claim that by failing to accept abortion, the rights of the mother are not upheld. Such persons claim that the mother should be allowed to make decisions regarding to what should happen on her own body. Denying the mother the right to abort the child she is carrying is infringing on her rights and according to them, is unconstitutional and thus unlawful. They support the idea of mothers being allowed to do whatever they want with the unborn. Their counterparts on the other hand term this as ridiculous because the same law is against suicide. They ask why the same concept is not viewed from the perspective that a person may commit suicide because he or she has an opinion over what may happen on his or her body. Both groups of activists organize education campaigns and seminars to argue out their perspective on the same (Patrick 2003)

The public is directly affected by his controversy and as such is alerting on what is going on. They are much alert because any form of legislations would mean a lot in the long run. Majority of them feel that abortion is bad. They however are split on the matter with some saying that abortion should be made legal and others standing strongly against the practice. The latter is especially so among groups of people who are religious and who believe in the existence of God and his servants. They believe that abortion contradicts the commandments of God and must therefore not be allowed to creep into the society. Many couples are especially anxious about the matter since it directly affects. Most fathers feel the practice should not be allowed. They argue that their wives may start practicing infidelity on grounds that they will not be caught. Others feel that their wives may secretly get rid of babies that they were not ready for without consulting them. Some also argue that women may get rid of children whom they have noted have certain abnormalities on their bodies. Majority of women on the other hand argue that abortion should be allowed in the case that their lives are in danger. Certain complications may arise during or before birth. This is may call for emergency measures of abortion otherwise the mother dies. This however is seen by a majority of the Americans as a plot to allow abortion in the country so that it is practiced and people using it as a scapegoat to satisfy their evil desires (Robert 2010)

The departments of health in America are also affected by this controversy. This refers to the doctors, nurses, clinical officers and other persons in the field of health. These persons argue that abortion may be performed on a mother whose life is in danger. The medical practitioners say that they were called to protect life and also ensure that high standards of health prevail. Majority therefore believe that abortion may be conducted on a mother to save her life in case of a tragedy during or before delivery. They argue that it is the best way to solve crisis that are common before and during child birth. The emergencies as explained by the medics come as a consequence of hormonal changes within the body of the female. Such hormonal imbalances are dangerous and should be checked on before it too late. The issue however is seen by some persons as a plot by medics to extort money from the public because they will have to pay for abortion. Some argue that women may take advantage of this and pretend their lives were in danger. They could therefore conspire with doctors and other medics to have an abortion performed on them (Nancy 1978)

The executive organ of government must take charge of the controversy. The president himself should show concern as well as ministers heading different ministries. The cabinet should take upon itself to discuss the matter in depth so as to come up with viable solutions for the same. The congress and senate represent the law making organs in America. They therefore need to discuss the matter in a way of making considerable progress. They should come up with an explanation that will work to the finest interest of the people they serve. They must therefore act in good faith as they do so.

I propose that clear legislations be passed. The law making organs should sit down and discuss both sides of the coin. The weightier side should prevail and should therefore be passed. The controversy has been on for several years and in the process, so much time has been lost in engaging in fruitless debates and public spats. The government needs to take the matter seriously and ensure that policies relating to it are passed and followed to the latter. The same should be well enshrined in the constitution of the land and people made to know about it.


Addressing the issue of abortion would not be so much counted in monetary terms. It simply requires time to have the issue sorted since all the stakeholders will have their contributions and the weightier ones be considered. The only monetary commitment would be where the government engages in campaigns and initiatives aimed at educating the public.

The issue is faced mainly by the federal governments though the state governments also should take part in ensuring people conform to the rules. The state governments also make recommendations to the federal governments regarding the issue of abortion and therefore in a way both the federal and state governments are affected.


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