Free Abortion Web Page Critique Essay Sample

Considering the web page on the arguments against abortion, the objectivity of the feminists is quite clear. For instance, feminists are fully aware of the problems that face young pregnant women in terms of pressure from family members, boyfriends as well as demanding work place conditions. Since most of the women are not stable enough to have their own children and support them; they opt for abortion so that they can continue getting support from families, friends and employers. Feminists also agree with the fact that it is unjust to let women have children that they can not support. It is also clear that they express their concerns on circumstances, such as health risks on the mother’s side, cases of rape and other conditions that may trigger abortion. However, feminists are stating clearly that abortion is not the solution to all the struggles that our young women face in the society, at home, as well as at the work place.  They only refer to abortion as a symptom of young women’s problems. Therefore, they argue against abortion in terms of establishing the root causes, addressing them and implementing programs that promote solutions to abortion (Finer 113). Feminists are giving very credible and reliable information, which clearly tackles abortion not from a negative point of view, but from a solution point of view. For example, they state that abortion is real and the only way to tackle it is by providing solutions that range from preventive to practical resources. They give statistics of rates of abortion in the US society, the trends through which abortion has evolved (laws and legal interpretations) and the examples of counterarguments between the two sides of the topic. Such evidence based arguments make this source credible and reliable. Timeliness is also considered since feminists recognize the fact that the present society, unlike the past, women need to control birth and bear wanted children. However, they address this fact by giving current possible alternatives to abortion unlike the past, where constant birth led to death of children even before attaining five years (Taylor 126).

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Considering the second web page, which argues in favor of abortion; it approaches the issue from a defensive rather than an objective point of view. In this case, the woman is considered as the sole decision maker of whether to have an abortion or not. The site argues that, each and every child should be borne in an environment where care and love are available. If this is not possible, then a woman (because she is the mother) should have the right to go for abortion. Other reasons stated in favor of abortion include disability of unborn, if the child is unwanted (because there are too many unwanted children already in the world), incase the pregnancy was as a result of rape, underage pregnancy, poverty and the fact that the unborn baby is still dependent thus not subjected to full human rights. From my point of view, I think that the arguments given here are not as reliable and credible as the ones given in the first source. The site only defends abortion but does not give any justification through examples and statistics. The arguments here are more of personal opinions than objective opinions and this makes this source less trustworthy, reliable and credible. However, it is good to note that the reasons given are the ones that we see in the societies that we live.     

The major counter argument between the two sources is on the validity, authenticity and morality of abortion. Feminists (against abortion) argue that abortion is not a solution to pregnancy in young women and describes it as unethical, coercive and an act of murder. On the other hand, the site in support of abortion disagrees with these allegations stating that abortion is not murder since the fetus has not attained independency to enjoy full human rights. The site argues that young women should be given a chance to decide upon their life and that there are already too many unwanted children in the world.

In my view, both sources are reasonably and convincingly arguing out their case but the first source (feminists) seems to be more objective and provides clear/credible evidence to their arguments. Feminists are arguing against abortion by simply providing solutions, while the other source argues in support of abortion by merely defending it through excuses.


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