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Abortion refers to the process of terminating pregnancy through the removal of the embryo from the womb prior to viability. In some cases, abortion can happen spontaneously as a miscarriage. Abortion is a controversial topic, which has raised many questions among the pro-choice and the pro-life groups (World Health Organization, 2003). These two groups of people have opposite views on abortion. Those people, who belong to the pro-life group, are against the act of abortion while those people who belong to the pro-choice group believe that it is the decision of the mother whether to do abortion. Abortion remains to be an immoral act regardless of the number of times people have argued against the action (Beckwith, 2007). This discussion will consider the reasons to why the pro-life group is against abortion.

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Many people think that abortion is a simple, clean, and short process. Mothers may experience lifelong health problems or problems with future pregnancies, including infertility and miscarriages due to abortion. There are three common methods of abortion, which include hysterectomy, suction, and salt poisoning (World Health Organization, 2003). Hysterectomy involves surgical opening of the uterus and abdomen to lift out the unborn baby. It is unfortunate that many of the babies are alive, which forces the abortionists to cut the umbilical cord or plunge them into the water as a way of killing them. Suction method is much longer and bloodier than hysterectomy and, thus can lead to anemia. Salt poisoning involves injecting a concentrated solution of salt into the fluid that surrounds the fetus to kill the fetus by stripping away the skin (World Health Organization, 2003).

The mother can experience a number of problems after abortion has taken place. Mental health may suffer in a dramatic manner because the mother will me more depresses and unhappier than other women who have not terminated their pregnancies (Needle & Walker, 2008). For the first few months of subsequent pregnancies, the women who had abortion have an increased likelihood of miscarriage and infant death after delivery. Such risks take place because the physician stretches the opening of the womb in a short while as compared to how the opening stretches during natural labor. Therefore, abortion tears and weakens the virginal muscles such that they cannot support the future pregnancies like before. In addition to the health risks of abortion to women, abortion is an immoral practice (Beckwith, 2007).

A number of abortionists claim that the fetus do not experience any pain in the process of abortion. However, research has shown that the embryo can feel pain as it undergoes an agonizing torture in the process of intentional expulsion (World Health Organization, 2003). The act of abortion is against God’s will because abortion is ending the life of another person (Evans & Kelley, 2004). It is against the command of God to end the precious lives of other people, including the unborn baby. Abortion should not take place even when the woman got pregnancy through incest or rape because the fetus has the right to live (Evans & Kelley, 2004).

Apparently, abortion causes a number of risks that outweigh the benefits because it is an unprincipled process. People should discontinue abortion because this process involves shedding of a large amount of blood. It is evident that the unborn babies have the ability to experience the agonizing torture (World Health Organization, 2003). It is against God’s will to do abortion because this process involves ending of the life of another person (Evans & Kelley, 2004). It is necessary to take a perspective of discouraging other people from doing abortion. If people can stop abortion, there will be many children, who the childless couples will adopt. Therefore, it is crucial to discourage mothers from doing abortion by informing them of the negative impacts that result from the process (Needle & Walker, 2008).  


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