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Life is often an intricate matrix; it presents numerous dilemmas, some of which are very challenging to find the best way out. This is even harder when the rule of nature overrides in antagonism the guiding ethical principles for all morally upright society. The girl child is even more vulnerable to such adversities making their lives trickier to live while observing the thin line that separates morality and evil. Noting that the life, societal growth and expansion of any society is fundamentally dependent on perpetuity of generations, then it is true that a woman holds these societal demands of life continuity on her hands through giving birth to children who later on become the basis and pillars for an advancing society, a dormant one or a deteriorating one.

This paper shall present and explore an allegorical dilemma of a girl child who is impregnated by a rapist in a morally upright society. It shall clearly articulate the dilemma of the girl child who is torn between giving birth and aborting a child. In this unfortunate narrative, the girl is raped and consequently conceives. One outstanding question that cannot be overlooked is; in an event of a rape, should the ethical guidelines overrule the morality and integrity of a rape victim?

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The Dilemma

Sitting on a concrete chair at their backyard, Shyleen thinks deeply as she touches her already swollen stomach with solemn. She was recently raped by an unknown intruder who plunged into their home one night when she was alone. Vividly but with a cloud of disgust, she remembers that fateful night as if it was a few days ago. Unfortunately she was later to realize that she got impregnated; a fact which dawned when it was already very late. She had been freaked out by the ordeal and hence went dumb on it for a week. She is now held in a dilemma which presents two very parallel options, and none of which seems better than the other. She is now two months pregnant. No one at her school had realized this and she knew everyone would, in due time. She is in deep thought, often juggling between two parallel options; to forgive the assailant and carry on with life till she gives birth to the baby or undertake an abortion.

Giving birth to the baby would mean having a fatherless child since the father was not known. What would she tell her baby if he/she seeks to know about the father figure one day? Giving birth would also mean that she would carry the baby in her womb all the days, bearing the shame of conceiving for a rapist-which was not her fault. Consequently, taking up the decision of giving birth to the child meant that she had to take a leave from her studies hence the pregnancy would affect her academically. If she decided to bear the baby, it would seem as if she embraced the whole issue which led to her having that baby-the rape ordeal.

On the other hand she knows very much well that her religious beliefs do not allow her to perform abortion for it would be bleach the law being a murder to an unborn human being in which case is a sin. It would lead to her condemnation. Doing away with the unborn child would mean avenging and punishing an innocent soul and would consequently deny the unborn a chance to live. Abortion would also cause her medical complications, even her own death if no proper care is taken; that she was not ready to face. This could pose a likelihood of her getting a child in future when she would be ready to have one. 

Having the baby aborted would also give her psychological impairment due to unending guilt, self pity and to some extent hatred on her own self for undertaking such harsh measure on an innocent child. But according to Shyleen, she cannot figure out herself undergo such self-imposed misery.

Technically, the underlying issues have a perfect grounding advantages and disadvantages and the allegory is very parallel and it presents Shyleen with a hard nut for her to crack.

In the article of “The Lady, or the Tiger”, there is a young man who is faced by a similar dilemma but this time, between choosing a tiger or her fair lady. The ruling King had decided to punish him by reliantly and self imposing. Behind two separate doors, lay a lady and a tiger in the other. This presents an interesting twist of events which climaxed when the man opened one of the doors and waited to have either the Tiger out of it or her friend (Stockton 1882)


From the allegory above, it is clear that decisions can be very hard to arrive at, especially on matters regarding morality, ethics and what is good for the general society. Shyleen and the young man of “The Lady, or the Tiger”, when bombarded with this dilemma, could not find the best solution as it have been noted where both situations present its own pros and cons. However, since Shyleen had to settle at some decision, it would be wise for her to go as per the rule of nature where the needs of a society surpass the needs of an individual. Bearing this in mind, waiting for the right time and giving birth to the child was the best option for her. This would give priority the life of the unborn child and the perpetuity of the society.

Notably, the decision is very challenging and which calls for a lot of sacrifice. It demands courage and determination to withstand the societal discrimination and other stereotyping that exists. Nevertheless, the decision should be in a bias towards the bigger picture-the societal needs.


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