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Abortion is one of the most debated moral issues globally. It refers to the termination of a pregnancy before birth killing the fetus. Abortion is a very controversial moral issue having both sides for and against it presenting strong arguments to support their propositions in seeking to answer the question, whether abortion is morally sound. The people who do not support abortion or the pro-life believe in preserving life from the onset of conception at all cost. On the other hand, the pro-choice believe in the ability of a woman to take full control of her body and exercising her right over natural course as in the case of a pregnancy. Abortion as a moral problem is appropriate for this ethic paper because it deals with the fundamental right to life.

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The fundamental question regarding justification of abortion lies in the moral status of the fetus. In dealing with this moral issue, both sides of the debate defend themselves dogmatically in their own point of view and fail to recognize the whole problem biologically, psychologically, morally, and the societal complexities. The critical questions in this moral issue include whether the fetus is usually alive, is it human, is it a person worth recognition, is it physically independent, does it possess any human rights, and is abortion murder. For instance, the pro-choice have argued that the fetus is not alive while the pro-life use this fact to support their claim by asserting life begins at conception. However, the fact that it is alive does not give the fetus comprehensive human rights and the right not to be aborted during pregnancy is not an exception. These are some of the opposing views for those for and against abortion.

This article provides estimates on global and regional incidences in induced abortion. It also puts into account safe and unsafe cases. In addition, maternal mortality due to unsafe abortion is discussed. Finally, this article also puts into consideration the challenges that hinder policy implementation to prevent unsafe abortion and their consequences.

This article discusses abortion incidences in the United States paying particular attention on sexual and reproductive health with respect to abortion. The effects of abortion on sexual and reproductive health are explored outlining the possible complications that affect the reproductive system due abortion in women.

 This journal reviews abortion cases in teens who procure abortion by self-inducing themselves. The journal explores this risky behaviour and identifies the potential dangers that can arise. Abortion in teens is given a central concern in this journal and safe abortion methods explored. Mortality in teens during self induced methods is also an issue that is addressed.


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