Free Morality Essay Sample

1. Abortion is a moral issue 

2. The right of a fetus should be protected because the unborn child can't protect herself 

3. A woman who has an abortion is selfish and self-centered 

4. Societies with high moral standards should prohibit abortions

5. Life begins at conception

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6. If two people have unprotected sex, they should be willing to live with consequences of their actions

7. Abortions are not an alternative when contraception has failed

8. All abortions should be banned

9. Parental consent should be required for all young girls under age 18 who seek an abortion

10. Every young woman seeking an abortion should be required to watch a video about the procedure before making a final decision 

Tell me if you think you and your significant other are as compatible as you thought

My partner and I have been good friends for some time now. Then out of the blues we decided that we should be more than just friends and we started courting. During the courting period, I have realized that one of the key predictors of success in a relationship is for me and my partner to change and be variable. If we become more rigid, then the relationship is strained. I have learnt that am less versatile than my significant other, but versatility is not the single most only important ingredient. Compatibility is. Many factors seem to collide in our relationship and sometimes it seems impossible to predict which ones will reinforce peace or which ones will break it. I feel that my partner and I are not rigid towards each other. We almost agree on the major issues topics and ideas despite a little bit of some wiggling but I feel that the pieces belong together. We go to the same church, we support the same political party, we doing the same discipline in college and we are almost age mates. I feel that my partner comes as close as possible on all these important compatibility issues, and with my versatility, there is more to us than just friendship.


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