Free Reasons Why Abortion is Wrong Essay Sample

Abortion is a term, used to refer to the removal or the expulsion of the embryo or foetus from the pregnant mother’s uterus. There are two known types of abortion. One is the ‘spontaneous abortion’, commonly referred to as miscarriage, which occurs, when the foetus is expelled from the mother due to necessary reasons, and induced abortion, which is the deliberate termination of the pregnancy (Joffe, 2009). Individuals practice abortion due to various reasons, including school or other responsibilities, the mother not being in a position to afford keeping the child, if the pregnancy is because of rape or when the mother is experiencing relationship problems (Joffe, 2009).

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For a long time, induced abortion has been the basis of significant activism, debate and controversy. A person’s position regarding the complex moral, ethical, biological, legal and philosophical issues that surround abortion is normally linked to value system (Joffe, 2009). Besides, abortion opinions are delineated as a mixture of beliefs, regarding the morality of abortion, responsibilities and rights of the victims, government authority, and religious ethics. In both private and public debate, arguments that are presented against or in favor of abortion, centers on either justification of laws, which allow or restrict abortion or moral permissibility. The issue of abortion is very important as the public is offered with a perception, regarding the extent to which abortion is good or bad. This means that whichever step that the government may take, either legalizing abortion or illegalizing it, the public will have sufficient awareness, regarding the same. Proponents and opponents of abortion both offer their views, regarding abortion and justification for their arguments.

Those who are in favor of abortion argue that when abortion is done for medical reasons, it is to be left to the discretion of the doctor, mother and family (Beeke and Beeke, 2010). They put forth that putting both the life of the mother and the unborn child at risk is a greater evil than losing only one life, and regardless of how terrible the decision is one life has to be saved. According to these peoples, abortion, as a result of rape or incest, should be given the same treatment as abortion due to medical reasons (Beeke and Beeke, 2010). They argue that in such a terrible situation, the mother should be allowed to decide what she wants. In addition, where a couple experiences unplanned pregnancy, or when a woman has a financial problems, proponents put forward that performing it in such a situation helps save those involved from further life problems. The proponents of abortion argue that any pregnant woman fundamentally has the right to access qualified practitioners who are professionals at carrying out abortions, despite the woman’s capability to afford for the procedure (Beeke and Beeke, 2010).

On the other hand, those who are against abortion argue that right from conception, a human being is deemed alive and, therefore, carrying out an abortion can be termed as murder, as this human being has legal rights and this includes the right to life (Fryman, 2009). The opponents of abortion argue that the society is grounded on the principle that human life is sacred and that no one not even the state has the right to deprive these innocent human lives the right to live. In addition, they say that if abortion was illegalized, then, the escalating rate of abortion would drop significantly (Fryman, 2009). Moreover, they argue that no situation guarantees abortion. This is because there are other options than abortion, in case a mother does not want to raise the child. They say that if the child is delivered, she/he can be given up for adoption or that the mother should be helped through guidance to keep the baby (Fryman, 2009). Moreover, they say that even in case of a rape, the women should be forced to deliver the child, if the mother does not wish to keep the baby the child could be taken for adoption. They also argue that permitting abortion makes it convenient for mothers to avoid responsibilities, claiming that they are either so into working or are having other responsibilities that could not allow for the pregnancy. The opponents of abortion believe that when it comes to life, what matters is reality and the life in question and not opinion (Fryman, 2009). Furthermore, they put forward that carrying out abortion could complicate or put the mother’s life in danger, especially where it is performed under unhygienic conditions. Besides, being disabled should not make a woman to have abortion and the opponents argue that if the disabled person was able to have sex, then, she should also be able to take responsibility of the child (Fryman, 2009).

In conclusion, this paper has focused on abortion and has offered an argument, pointing to the pros and cons of the same. Certainly, abortion is regarded as bad as it is against the teachings of the Bible and performing it constitutes to murder. In addition, legalizing gives room for fake practitioners and clinics that perform the act and this will not only lead to the death of the unborn child, but the mother could also die or develop complications that are a threat to her health. The governments should join hands with the pro-life organizations to initiate programs and movements that support life as well as giving advice to mothers who find themselves in such terrible situations. Furthermore, they should support such mothers to give the child for adoption, in case they do not want to keep the child. As a nurse practitioner, the knowledge, regarding abortion will help me in making decision on whether to practice it or not. In my view, abortion is not good due to the reasons offered, but the laws will determine whether the same will be practiced.


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