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One of the issues that has been heavily discussed in the world is that of abortion. One section of the people who are entangled in the debate on abortion claim that abortion should not be allowed as it results to the death of innocent souls while the other divide of the debate claim that abortion should be allowed. Although several countries have legalized abortion, there are endless debates about it. It is imperative to note that countries that have legalized abortion have developed numerous laws that would be used to contain the act. For instance, women are encouraged to procure abortion when it is safe to conduct the act. With this in mind, women are allowed to procure the act when it is safe for them to abort. Legalizing abortions mean that people could perform the act safely, as they abort in hospitals.

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The argument that exists in the world on the issue of abortion is reflected in some of the numerous newspaper articles written on the issue. Zoe Sulllivan in his article called ,”Wisconsin may ban abortions after 20 weeks” dwells on the side of the abortion debate that does not support the act. Zoe states that the state of Wisconsin wants to be the 11th state in America that has decided to ban the procurement of abortion. However, it is imperative to note that Wisconsin state has already legalized abortion but wants to overrule it. The people who have been to draft the law banning the procurement of abortion claim that the state is bound by the 1998 bill that it passed into law that protected children. With this in mind, procuring an abortion of would be going against the 1998 bill as it causes pain to the unborn child.

One of the reasons as to why Wisconsin is illegalizing abortion is that it is wrong to cause pain to children. According to the officials, a child starts experiencing pain when he or she is 20weeks old in his or her mother’s womb and thus abortion would bring pain the child. However, the claims that a 20 week old child is susceptible to pain has been quashed by the report generated by the Royal Gynecologists and Obstetricians who claim that a child does not feel any pain even at the 24th week inside his or her mother’s womb.

It is imperative to note that the author uses several claims to show that abortion should not be procured and that it should be made illegal. For example: Premise 1: abortion causes the death of innocent children. Premise 2: abortion does not protect the children that Wisconsin state made a promise to protect at all costs. Conclusion: the state of Wisconsin should illegalize abortion, as it would help bring down the rates at which women procure the act in the state. Following the author’s line of argument, it is easy to conclude that the author uses the deductive argument because all the premises used are true. With the premises being true, it is correct to say that the article’s conclusion is true as it is drawn from the two premises. If the state of Wisconsin signed a bill in the year 1998 that meant that it would protect children from all sorts of pain, with abortion being one, then it would be fair that the state tries to protect the lives of the unborn children.

Victoria Derbyshire in her article called, “Abortion: is it time to revisit the UK’s laws?” discusses the problems that are associated with the in place abortion laws in the United Kingdom. According to Victoria, the legalization of abortion is one of the reasons why many women are procuring abortion. In addition, she claims that abortion results to mental problems to the women who perform the act. To help provide concrete information on her claims, the author conducts interviews with women who have performed numerous abortions. It is imperative to note that the age of women procuring abortion is evenly distributed as women aged 40, 30 and 20s procure abortion.

Victoria state in the article that women have been giving vague reasons as to why they procure abortion. One of the reasons why women procure abortion is the claim that the giving birth to the child would give them serious mental problems in future. In addition, these women claim that the having to carry the child in their wombs for the nine months would also affect them mentally and thus the reason for performing the abortion.

In one of the interviews that Victoria had with a woman who has a history of performing multiple abortions, it is clear that the mental attitude of women is one of the reasons that make most of them procure abortion. The interviewee woman claimed that she started procuring abortion at the age of 15, as the thought of giving birth to a child at that age was unacceptable. One shocking claim made in the article is that there was a huge number of teenagers in the United Kingdom that procured abortion more than twice in a single year. One of the reasons why many teenagers procured abortion more than once is residing in an area that had high population.

From the study of the article, it is clear that the author does not support the current laws on abortion, a factor that she brings out in well-established argumentative points. For example: Premise 1: women are able to procure more than abortion in a year. Premise 2: women incur in future mental torture by conducting numerous abortions. Premise 3: the idea that women would be suffer mentally should they fail to procure the abortion is not medically proven. Unstated Premise: some of the women who have procured numerous abortions take their own lives in order to avoid more mental torture. Conclusion 1: the laws on abortion need to be revised as they play a huge part in the problems associated with abortion.

Victoria’s article uses the deductive line of argument, as the premises found in the article are all true. The statistics presented by the medical facilities in the United Kingdom, it is clear that there are some women in the country that have performed abortion more than once. Most teenagers in the UK are the ones that have the tendency of procuring abortions more than once. From the research conducted on the effects that abortions have on women, one of the observation made in all of them is that women who abort have mental problems in the future. The inclusion of the premises that women who procure multiple abortion suffer mentally in future is correct when supporting the thesis statement. With this in mind, the author tries to state that the abortion laws should be changed in order to impede women from having multiple abortions, as they brings mental torture to them in future. I think it is a good idea that the author includes one of the conversations that she had with a woman who was suffering mentally as a result of procuring numerous abortions in her early days. With all the arguments presented by Victoria, the UK needs to make amends the present laws on abortion, as they are the source of complications that occur from abortion. One of the indirect recommendations made by the author is that women should not be barred from procuring multiple abortions by the laws.

My personal argument on the topic of abortion is: Premises 1: abortion cuts short the life of a child who probably had a bright future ahead of him or her. Premise 2: abortion causes distraught in the women and girls who perform the act. Premise: Numerous alternatives exist for the girls who do not want to keep hold of their children. For instance, children could be put up for adoption. Premise 3: there will still be loopholes in the laws established to legalize abortion and thus the process should be illegalized: conclusion 1: abortion should not be encouraged at any cost as it advocates for the killing of innocent children who cannot be able to defend themselves. Conclusion 2: under the international human rights, abortion deprives children the right to live.

The analysis of the conclusion and the premises that I give as my personal argument on the matter of abortion, it is clear that I have used the deductive argument, as all the premises are true. Previous researches conducted on the topic of abortion concur with my point of depriving the unborn children the right to life. In addition, the women who procure abortion get are tormented mentally due to their acts of aborting their unborn children. The last premises that I give is the one on loopholes that are present in the laws established to help legalize abortion. Victoria’s article concurs my point that the laws established help bring the numerous problems related to the act of abortion. For instance, the act of procuring numerous abortions is as a result of a loophole that exists in UK’s laws on abortion.


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