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This was a decision that was made by the supreme court of the United States of America concerning the issue of abortion in the year 1973. There were several cases of abortion, and the government decided to legalize abortion under some conditions. The Supreme Court denied women their right to privacy and focused on protecting lives. This ensured that women could undergo legal abortion only when issued a permit to do so or when any medical specialist founds out that the life of the mother can be in danger. The issues that were considered were like; rape cases, the risk of the mother losing her life in the process of giving birth, or when the pregnancy was carried by a teenager and she decides to terminate the fetus (Stephens & Scheb, 174). This was legalized because the child will hinder the mother from continuing with education or maybe lack funds to raise the child. Teenagers have no much experience in raising children and this would give rise to a poor generation due to poor upbringing. Adolescence begins at teenage and the girls might have made a mistake, and would wish to be given a second chance (Kellogg, 83).

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This law ensured that it protected those that deserve and have good reasons to terminate the fetus before it developed to a baby. After some time, there were changes made, and the law concentrated on protecting the life of the unborn child. Mothers who had reason to terminate the fetus as under the conditions of the law were supposed to do it before viability. Viability means the stage when the foetus can survive outside the mother's womb. Although there are incubators that can support the immature baby, this was seen to be risky, and a poor excuse to terminate babies. The foetus is believed to be viable after at least 28 weeks, which is equivalent to 7 months. In some cases, the foetus is even mature, and mother can gives birth in the 7th month of pregnancy. The baby is known to be mature and ready to be delivered after nine month from the day of conception. The court found no reason to terminate the life of the unborn child because; if the mother was able to keep the child for 7 months she would still wait for the remaining 2 months.

Women, who claimed that the pregnancy was due to rape, were interviewed, and investigations and some tests were taken before abortion was permitted.  This was because it was discovered that most of the women practiced unprotected sex and terminated the babies when the wanted. For example, prostitutes were practicing unprotected sex even without using contraceptives because they knew that they could abort the baby when they wanted. Apart from this there were fine that would be charged to any who would be caught lying to the investigators of the rape cases. This lured women from forwarding untrue rape cases and was forced to wait for 9 month or else undergo illegal abortion. Illegal abortions were feared since they were mostly practiced by unprofessional individuals and the mother safety was not guaranteed. Although there were still women who risked there lives under the hands of the unprofessional doctors, there was a reduction of abortion cases in that year (Jeff, 67).

In the 60s and 70s, women campaigned for equal right between women and men. This does not mean that women were treated unfairly, but rather saw that they were not respected and their dignity was undermined. Since most of the leaders were men, they saw that there were no women representatives who could defend women in the House of Representatives. Since women are the ones known for carrying the baby for the 9 months, they thought that it was their right to decide whether the baby should be terminated or not. The law did not undermine their dignity because no one was forced to abort if that was not the idea in mind but rather the law protected the lives of the unborn children. In 1973, researchers found out that they number of the babies who were aborted was more than those who were born (Goldman & Jahnige, 98). The government had to take responsive measure in order to protect the future of the next generation. Most of the medical specialist did no recommend abortion as the best method to terminate children since there would occur some accidents during the operation and the mother can never be able to have children. Although it was still dangerous to the mother, doctors recommended abortion for women who did not want more children or those who have no intention of ever having children.

Some of the citizens of the United States believed that the right to life begins at conception and that abortion shouldn't be recommended. The government had a tough time in making the right decision but finally the majorities were the ones who proposed abortion. The conditions made in the law were to satisfy the others who thought that abortion was not right (Young, 75). As Christians or even Muslims, one believes that God had a purpose for life when he gave it to human beings. He is the only one who has the authority to terminate it. By doing this, one is believed to have disobeyed and gone against the Ten Commandments that were set by God. This was to be considered when passing the law since the law was made by the Supreme Court the same that respects and believes in religions. Christian's leaders considered abortion to be like any other form of murder; the exception of this was only that it was not punished by the government. They still believe that God will punish those who abort during the judgment day (Dellapenna, 49).

Nixon supported the issue of aborting children who were as a result of rape. He thought that this will increase the number of mixed races and their culture will be forgotten. Ronald Reagan who president of the united states by then, supported Nixon and denied women the freedom to decide the issue of abortion. This shows how they were racist because they hated the mixed races although they could not admit it publicly.

On the other hand, president Obama and bill Clinton believed that it is the right of the mother to decide to keep the baby or not. These two politicians seem to support and emphasizes mostly on economic growth. By keeping the unwanted pregnancy, they believe this is one way of delaying economic growth since the babies will hinder the mother from performing activities that will develop the nation. In addition to this, the president and the former president provide funds to mothers who wish to support their children. This will be a way of preserving women's dignity, since one can choose to abort or not to abort (Bender, 152). However, this issue has not been settled for along time now and different politicians have a different opinion on the matter. As for me it's a free world women should have their freedom to choose what they want to do. But if the government is willing to stop this, it should take responsive measures, such as providing contraceptives at cheaper prices that could be afforded by most citizens.


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