Free An Adolescent Interview Essay Sample

I held a one on one interview with a male adolescent of 15years age. His parents are from different ethnic orientation thus making the boy to share values from the two ethnic groups. According to him, he does not belong to a specific ethnic group. The boy is socially active and attains good grades in school as well as the society in which he lives. The boy is actually my neighbor (lives close to my place of residence). According to his information about family constellation, their family consists of two parents and three siblings. He is the only male child in the family with two sisters. He happens to be the oldest among the three children. There are no remarriages, divorces, step siblings as well as half siblings in the family. Considering peer relationships, the boy states that he has many friends and most of them are from the opposite sex. He says that he feels more attracted to his age mates from the opposite gender. Despite having many friends, he states that there are a lot of disagreements with his friends which sometimes makes him to feel isolated from the society. He was not quite clear on gender role issues, although he stated that, a man is supposed to lead the family, protect all the members and provide the necessary resources. According to him a woman only gives love, caring and assistance where possible. Concerning sexuality, the boy seemed to be sexually active and stated that he consults the few boyfriends he has about the issue. He said that he feels ashamed to share such issues with parents and friends from the opposite sex. He terms his experience of being an adolescent as quite surprising stating that he sees, feels and experiences some changes which are quite unexpected. Because of these changes, he feels like having romantic relationships but he is quite afraid. He shies away from his parents with fear that they might notice the changes happening to him. The boy also states that the level of curiosity is very high in a way that he feels like exploring everything that comes across including drug abuse and other acts of crime. During his leisure, he feels like socializing with friends especially girl friends and being protective to them. These are actually true signs of an adolescent who is approaching the late stages.

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At the age of adolescence, the impact of media is quite high because gender plays an important role in the social life. At this stage, the media influences traditional expectations due to dominant gender images and topics on media and this induces conflicts over roles and insecurity. In family settings where parents use media; children are likely to be affected in the same way. In places where the roles of different genders are traditional, media may act as a reinforcing factor to the development of gender roles among adolescents.

At the adolescence stage, most individuals develop both ethnic and racial identities so that they can be passed to the next generation. The adolescents strive to identify and attach themselves to a certain culture, religion and other traditions (Tatum, 2003).

My experience with interviewing an adolescent was quite enjoyable and informative. I learned a whole lot of ideas, changes and experiences of a male adolescent. Considering my adolescent experience, the only parallel idea is that I used to shy away from people and had very few friends of my gender unlike the adolescent that I interviewed.


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