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This paper will be an analysis of the life of Tatiana; Tatiana was born in the Caribbean region, in the Dominican Republic, in the year 1950. Born to a simple family that lived an average life; Tatiana was the second born having been preceded by a male child, the elder brother John. During her pregnancy, Tatiana’s mother Tanya went through many problems that affected her pregnancy. Tanya was an alcoholic, a problem which she experienced during the early days of her pregnancy. This eventually led to stress which had a significant effect on the development of the embryo; fortunately for her and Tatiana, a timely intervention ensured that the pregnancy was successful. However, as a result of the effects of alcohol and the stress that she underwent, Baby Tatiana was born one month to time, that is after eight months. Baby Tatiana was a little bit frail at birth, but after spending a few days in the incubator, she was able to recover fully and her parents took her home as a normal healthy baby.

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After birth and the days in the incubator, Tatiana spent the early days as a healthy baby; she was a jovial child, a character which she seemed to have acquired from her father. However, Tania’s lifestyle has affected her development to some extent. Her development seemed to be retarded, but it was overshadowed by her jovial nature and a smile. Fortunately for Tatiana, her mother Tanya was encouraged to go for counseling by the other family members and, therefore, she was able to control her drinking addiction. Luckily, it did not have any adverse effects on the psychological development of Tatiana.  The Caribbean region is characterized by a warm and humid weather and, therefore, the conditions offer an accommodating environment to raise a child. The probability of contracting diseases that are associated with the cold weather is reduced to a great extent and in this regard, young Tatiana had little problems in adapting to this serene environment.  With time it was obvious that Tatiana’s physical development has been retarded; her response to some stimulus such as the presence of a person or the calling out of her name seemed to be unusually slow.

Tatiana, however, has adopted her mother’s gritty determination and, with the help of a therapist, these growth issues were resolved and she was able to get the normal response stimulus. Growing up in a family that was full of love and support as well as the great concern of the parents that was exhibited by their acquisition of the services of a therapist enabled young Tatiana to overcome all her response difficulties. It took a long way to make an easily receptive and jovial child. Notably, the early birth and the time spent in the incubator after the premature birth taught Tatiana to survive in what can be referred to as unfriendly conditions, therefore, with such a warm reception and treatment from the family members, Tatiana was able to develop and grow up a charming young lady loved by all those who surround her.

Timeline for Tatiana

Below is a breakdown of all stages of development that Tatiana undergoes in the course of her development. It outlines all the changes that Tatiana exhibits both physically and emotionally in the course of her lifetime and how they can be compared to the known human development cycle that all the normal children are expected to undergo.

Birth to Four Months

Baby Tatiana was born after eight months with a weight of 2.5 kilograms and a height of 45 centimeters. She was generally a bit weak, but it was expected given that she was born one month prior to the expected date of birth. After spending two weeks in the incubator, her weight increased considerable to reach 3.8 kilograms by the time she had been released from the incubator. She had also gained another 5 cm and her height now stood at 50cm. Physically, Tatiana gained weight, and her height increased at a very fast rate; she was generally a jovial baby and she was always open eyed and staring at people when she was not asleep.

Nervous system growth: Tatiana’s brain and nervous system develop at a very She also exhibited instincts such as the ability to suck on things that were placed in her mouth. Her hearing develops fast and she is also able to distinguish her mother’s voice; her vision also develops and she is able to respond to the presence of people by moving her eyes to the direction in which people are; generally her eyes respond to the objects that are moving. Tatiana’s movements also develop and at four months, she can clutch at things can also clutch at things; she also holds items close to her and when crying, she moves her arms a lot.

At the age of four months, baby Tatiana had grown considerably, and she now weighed in at 6 kgs and her height was now 58cms.At Birth, Tatiana’s weight of 2.5kgs was below the normal weight at which babies are born; however, considering the fact that she was born prematurely, this aspect of her weight cannot be considered as an abnormal thing. Her height can also be attributed to the same factors. After being released from the incubator at 3.8kgs and 50cms, however, the other characteristics both physical and the instincts associated with response all indicated that she was a normal child.

4months to 24 months

During this period, Tatiana’s physical growth is quite phenomenal. She is able to sit up with support at the end of one year, and her weight has nearly tripled over the birth weight and now her weight stands at 9kgs. Her height has increased to reach 74cms. This has been a phenomenal growth considering the fact that Tatiana was born prematurely. However, the steady growth and the characteristics that have been acquired can be attributed to the good care that she receives and following of the instructions that are offered at the clinic where her mother visits regularly. Tatiana’s speech has developed gradually and now she is able to pronounce a few words albeit with little semblance to the real words.

At six months, Tatiana can be able to grab things and by the age of one year, she can pinch small things as well as hold them; however she is having difficulties transferring things from one hand to the other; this is expected at the age of one year for a normal healthy child. Her vision develops considerably during this period and she is now able to coordinate the movement of her eyes with that of her head; by the age of one year she is able to watch at the items that she reaches out for; the coordination of the movements of her hands and eyes has developed considerably at the age of one year. She is also able to make marks with objects and crayons at the age of one year. Between six months and two years, she is able to discern when her name is being called out and she makes her first speech utterances to the words that she hears. During the next one year, Tatiana is able to progress from being able to crawl to taking her first steps. With her newly discovered mobility, Tatiana happily hops around and is generally a very active baby; at two years it is also apparent that Tatiana has a preference for her left hand which she uses frequently than the right one; this must have been inherited from her mother who is also left handed. At the end of the second year, her height stands at 85cms, and her weight is 11kgs. In comparison to the normal expected conditions physical characteristics that are exhibited by Tatiana are within the range for a normal baby and, therefore, it is clear that baby Tatiana is growing well according to the expectations. During this period also, Baby Tatiana develops a liking for toys and play items and she is particularly attracted to dolls; there is little deviation in the characteristics exhibited by Tatiana to that of a normal baby except for the hand preference which seems to have become apparent at an early age. However, we can conclude that the development of Tatiana is according to Schedule.

2-5 years

During this period, Tatiana gains a significant amount of weight; her growth is also characterized by her dental formula as her baby teeth have started being replaced by the age of five years. Her speech is also fully developed over this period, and she can recognize people and remember names; Tatiana is also able to sort out things and identify those that are the same. Though her physical development is a little bit slow, this is expected for kids who are at this age. Her ability to use her hands develops considerably over this period and she is able to grasp items with her hand in a writing position by the time she reaches five years. At this stage, Tatiana is able to carry out some tasks such as dressing and undressing herself as well as communicating when she wants to go to the toilet. Her hearing and ability to comprehend when she is being called have now developed and she is able to remember and call out the names of the other people. She also develops a great interest in play and is especially interested in using dolls as her play items.

When compared to the characteristics of a normal baby it is clear that Tatiana is developing and progressing according to the normal developing stages.

Middle Childhood; 6 to 11 years

During this period, Tatiana’s talents begin being apparent; it is clear that she has inherited her father’s talents in athletics; she likes running, and her peers both at school and in the neighborhood find it difficult to cope with her speed. During this period also, Tatiana’s vocal abilities clearly come out, and she joins the singing team at both the Church and school. Through the support of her parents, Tatiana is able to develop her skills especially her athletics skill which are developed much more as a result of the encouragement that she gets from her father. Tatiana is an outgoing child and she is not afraid of people or even asking whatever she does not know. Her ability to remember things has now reached its peak and she remembers every interesting thing that takes place or an interesting place that they visit. During this period, she also learns to do things by herself and she is able to even take a bath without help.

Adolescence 11-18 years

These years prove to be the most difficult for Tatiana in the process of development; her body undergoes various physical changes that are likely to affect even her thoughts. At the early age of twelve, her breasts are already apparent, and she experiences her first menstrual periods even before she hits the age of twelve; this is a bit early compared to her peers but it comes as no surprise since her mother had already informed her of this expectation. By the age of fifteen, Tatiana has grown into a beautiful young lady; her breasts are now fully developed and she is drawing a lot of attention from her peers and the boys are beginning to notice her. This causes a lot of discomfort for Tatiana, and she has to undergo a lot of support and counseling as this change proves too big a challenge for her to handle.

During this period, Tatiana’s talent in athletics has developed fully to a point that she is able to join the school athletics team; unfortunately, she does not pursue her singing talents in school but she sings sometimes in church.  Generally, Tatiana goes through the adolescence stage and faces most of the problems faced by the other adolescents; however, she is able to overcome most of these problems with the help of the support that she gets from her parents. Physically her development can be compared to that of a typical adolescent.

Tatiana’s Adult life and death

Tatiana gets married at the age of twenty two, and she is able to raise a family of three happy children comprised of two girls and a boy together with her husband Paul. Marriage results from the need of an adult to have a sense of belonging and being loved; Tatiana’s character and positive attitude towards life enable her to overcome the various challenges that the family faces. Tatiana’s adult life is, however, characterized by frequent bouts of illnesses which she faces from time to time; however, she is able to overcome them after medical treatment. Tatiana reaches menopause at the age of 46 which is a bit short of the age of 50.5 years which is considered as, the average menopause age for women. However, Tatiana does eventually succumb to one of those bouts of illnesses when she eventually dies at the age of 57 in 2007 having lived a full life up to this moment. Tatiana is taken ill on a Monday morning and is hospitalized and after undergoing treatment in the hospital for one week, she finally passes on while suffering from a bout of fever.


The human lifespan begins at conception and ends at death, for a typical human being, death occurs during the later stages of adulthood an usually in most cases it occurs as a result of natural causes such as sickness. The characteristics that children portray in most of the cases are hereditary in nature having been as a result of the genetic composition of their parents; a child can inherit different character traits from both parents. In the case of Tatiana that has been outlined in the above article, she inherits more characteristics from her father than those that she inherits from her mother. Her story represents the story of a child who is faces the physical and psychological challenges presented by life head on and emerges successful.

Her physical, nervous and motor skills development show how the development of these aspects compare with that of a typical child; it is in this regard that timeline for the development of Tatiana is compared with that which is expected for a typical child and these comparisons serve to portray the expected developments that are expected for a normal child undergoing the process of development. Ultimately, Tatiana’s Story presents a case that shows a child born and developing through the stages of life up to death. As seen Tatiana is able to overcome a premature birth and an alcoholic mother in the early stages of pregnancy to develop into a healthy child and proceed to adult life until finally she dies late into her adult life.


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