Free Poor Sleeping Habits Essay Sample

Poor sleeping habits often have severe effects on the health of adolescents and this I fully agree with. These habits often come before the eventual insomnia and sometimes are signs of a more serious negative health effects that can be so hard to dethatch from. Human bodies have biological timing clock that affect the activity of the different cells in the body and sleep, being the determinant of the rate of activity not only affect the quality of life but also its length.

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A good number of adolescents indulge in activities that would later lead to chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders including even depression. The symptoms include:

Constant tiredness that often start as mild but later become severe since the body tissues are overworked due to lack of rest and this often lead to early aging of their body cells and this is a significant effect that would determine the life span of the individuals.

The adolescent with poor sleeping habits are irritable, high tempered and moody. Their behaviors are unpredictable and sometimes difficult to deal with. This leads to significant health deterioration and loss of self esteem thus leading to low quality life.

The individual easily lose concentration and in some extreme cases memory loss is evidenced. They also may hallucinate due to too much fatigue and overworking of the brain cells.

They lose coordination in severe cases and can easily cause accidents when operating machines. This often increases with lack of sleep.

Loss of appetite is also evidenced in the adolescents who lack sleep. However, there are cases where the opposite is the case. They develop poor eating habits too which also have other negative impacts in their health such as obesity and ulcers.

The adolescents often resort to use of sleep pills of which some are addictive and thus become habitual. Some also use stimulants which also present separate health problem.

There is also some direct link between lack of sleep and heart diseases, muscular pains and strokes. This is often due to the overworking of the related body muscles due to lack of rest. The heart muscles are overstretched thus leading to heart disorders.

Poor sleep in adolescents is also linked with atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and obesity. Lack of enough sleep raises the level of C – reactive protein and some other substances that may inflame the body tissues thus creating the health problems. It also upsets the sympathetic nerve system of the body.

To an extreme case, there have been cases of mental impairment and growth retardation. This leads to general poor quality of life in general among the youths.

Lack of proper sleep therefore has diverse effects on the health of the adolescents that often end up in a low quality of life. The individuals always have low self esteem and are often drowsy thus not able to concentrate keenly for a long duration. This has led to several auto accidents that lead to loss of lives and destruction of properties.


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