Free Psychological Effects of Late Body Maturity in Adolescents Essay Sample

The role of adolescents cannot be gainsaid. In normal adolescence, boys and girls develop secondary sexual characteristics. Adolescence is a paramount process that prepares boys and girls for adulthood. Despite its importance, there are times where adolescents experience late body maturation regardless of their gender. Boys and girls have a different perception about late body maturation whenever they experience it. Late body maturation leads to psychological effect such as lowering of self-esteem, limited interaction and decrease of self-confidence.

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Boys and girls have a different perception of late body maturation during the adolescence period. Given that late body maturation affect boys and girls in different facets, girls tend to feel more devastated by delayed maturation as compared to boys. As a result, boys may not experience many challenges as girls do. Nonetheless, late body maturation is an experience that boys and girls do not like to be identified with.

Late body maturation is associated with the lack of self-esteem in adolescents. When boys and girls fail to experience a timely body maturity, many of them tend to develop a negative image. Because of this, such boys and girls lack respect and feeling of worthiness as compared to other adolescents who go through timely body maturity.

Boys and girls may feel isolated from the peers as a result of late body maturation. When boys and girls experience late body maturation, many of them isolate themselves from the peers who have matured. This psychological effect will limit their ability to interact with their peers.  This effect is closely related to a decline in self-confidence. Adolescents who fail to mature as compared to their peers have a tendency to shy away from opportunities that can improve their self-confidence. Certainly, late body maturity affects girls more than boys though it is correlated with the lack of self-esteem, decline in self-confidence and isolation from peers.


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