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Teen pregnancy is pregnancy in young women who have not yet have reached their 20th birthdays by the time of giving birth. It does not matter whether the woman in question is married or is considered adult under the laws of that particular country. Recent studies have shown that teenage pregnancies are on the rise.

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Thesis statement

Media is to blame for the rise in teen pregnancy all over the world

 In the USA, the decline of over fourteen year in teenage pregnancy has reversed with an increase of 3% between 2005 and 2006. With billions of dollars spent on the campaign, it is hurting to realize that the gains that have been achieved over the last decade have all not helped. In Europe the cases have also been on the rise. This has lead to several politics around the issues with each person having someone to point fingers at. However, the media is the most blamed by people and this paper will look onto the truth of this accusation and the ways on which the media has managed to boost teenage pregnancy. 

Media’s glamorized teenage pregnancy

With increase in number of people they reach, the media is a real big threat. The media have shows and movies that are highlighting on teen pregnancy with ideas on how having a baby will make the life of the teens more exciting. The media ignores the problems the teen mothers face making teen pregnancy glamorous to the teens. Teens love glamour and anything present as a form of glamour will hook many of them.

Juno the movie

This movie is considered a great influence. It is about a girl and her boyfriend and their sex life. The gal who is not after having a baby is made to bear a child. It shows that the father of the child will always be there for you and help you solve the issues that might arise. This is not the reality. Most fathers to be run away from the responsibility and leave pregnant teenagers with themselves to care for the baby. The media instead of having movies to show the real situation will appeal to viewers’ heart by broadcasting a perfect girl-boy relation that never happens. The Juno shows how the boy helps to get someone to adopt the child which in real life will be hard to achieve.

Show like “Sixteen and Pregnant” and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”

These shows gives out the impression that having a baby is an adventure and that no matter how hard the situation gets, someone will always be there to help you out when money runs out or when childcare is not available. These are rarely the cases on real life situations. Teens with children struggle hard trying to make ends meet and mostly find themselves hooked up in these difficulties that they cannot get out of.  These situations forces teen mothers to take drastic measures so as to provide meals and clothing for their children. These measures are sometimes dangerous and my cause harm to the mother. The media has done miserable in highlighting the problems.

Media sexuality message

Media continually portrays sex as a cool thing. Its advertisement and programs are highly sexualized. Media gives out impression that life is all about sex. It plays with music with sex as the main theme and have many shows sexually inclined. 


It is therefore; obvious that media is to blame for the increase on teenage pregnancy all over the world. Media should change its programs to convey how teenage pregnancy causes problems to teens.


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