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United States of America was attacked in September 11, 2001 by coordinated Islamic terrorist that lead to more than 3000 persons killed and pushed the nation security to its core. This essay discusses the 9/11 event attacks, the motives of the involved group and some consequences of the event.

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United States of America was attacked in September 11, 2001 by coordinated Islamic terrorist that lead to more than 3000 persons killed. On the morning hours of September 11, 2001, four commercial planes were hijacked and directed toward targets of destruction by 19 terrorists. Two of them carrying passengers were piloted into the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) located in the New York City. The buildings erupted in flames, damaged and then collapsed killing thousands of people. The third plane struck Pentagon, US's military Headquarters in Arlington Virginia. The hijackers of the last airliner apparently aimed to accomplish target in the Washington DC area were realized and fought back by passengers but it crashed in a field in Pennsylvania State.

Casualties included 2,750 people that were killed in New York, some 184 at the Pentagon and 40 people in Pennsylvania. In additional, all the 19 hijackers died. Attackers and their background information.

Al-Qaeda and their Motives

This is a terrorist organization whose origins date back to 1980s. It was the first to put susceptible to attack and was believed to be lead by Osama bin Laden. Throughout his life he advocated violence against US and its citizens. Previous evidence had linked the organization for attacks on United States interests which include: bombing an underground WTC parking garage in 1993 that killed six occupants, 1996 attack on a US military housing in Saudi Arabia that killed 19 US based soldiers, 1998 bombings and killings of more than two hundred people of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and a suicide attack on US Navy destroyer in 2000 that left 17 US sailors dead.

Osama bin Laden

He is known up date as a leader of al-Qaeda. Bin Laden managed to acquire much of his father's wealth which he used to stage attacks against US government and its troops in Arabic countries. After Saudi Arabia realized his intentions disowned and expelled him from the country. Later he settled in Afghanistan where he supported Taliban Authority and equipped its armed forces (Arab-Israel conflict). Other al-Qaeda members include: Mohammed Atta who had lived previously in Germany's Hamburg city. He was also found in financial tie with Osama by the US investigators and Muhammad Atef, who masterminded the attack and top military adviser to bin Laden.

The aftermath of 9/11 event

A massive solidarity was displayed in the United States after the event. Local, federal and government agencies in the US immediately redefined national security to include defense of US ground versus foreign attack, any new and unfamiliar idea. Later, US president George W. Bush by then expressed intention of creating a new White House office of Homeland Security. Its work was to coordinate more than forty federal agencies, together with the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency with an aim to prevent and respond to future terrorist attacks on its territory. Also, there were charitable contributions which poured funds to rescue the survivors and made necessary arrangements for the deaths. State-corporate media of Iran denounced America as the "Great Enemy" and sent sympathetic message to the victims.

Long-term effects

Economic meltdown was felt aftermath. Losses of employment were experienced and mostly affected industries were restaurants, air transportation, hotel industries and services related to finance. After the attack nearly 30% of New York settlers and workers experienced post-traumatic stress disorder for more than five months such as nightmares, depressions and sleeping disorders as well as alienation. Later, patriotism and spiritual efforts prevailed to restore their fully consciences (Effects in the USA).


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