Free A Fault Tree Analysis Essay Sample

Part I

Fault analysis technique came forth in 1960 and used by engineers as one of the key methods used to perform reliability and analysis of safety. The fault tree graphics used represent the interactions of events and failures in a system. The basic events are always in the bottom of the tree and linked using basic symbols referred to as gates to the top events. In this case, events at the top are represent hazards identified. In this case, the fault tree represents the latest event in Kansas that led to death of three.

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Part II

Job safety analysis one can also refer it to as job hazard analysis. It is technique focuses on tasks undertaken within an organization as a way of trying to point out hazards before they occur. This focuses on the tasks undertaken in an organization, the tools used to perform the tasks, and the working environment. It is after identification of controllable and uncontrollable hazards that the necessary actions of elimination will come in place. These measures will aim at either eliminating the risks or reducing them to a level that is acceptable in the state in question. This aspect is important because many workers most of the times get injuries in the work place. Therefore, it is necessary so that the workers can feel secure in their work place.

Identifying the task, possible hazards, and solutions

The task is iron cast grinding, and some of the stapes for the task include:

  • Step 1: involves reaching the metal box at the right of the machine, then grip casing it and finally carrying to the wheel.
  • Step 2: pushing the casting to the wheel to ensure that the burr are ground.
  • Step 3: to place castings finished into the box at the left of the machine.

Some of the possible hazards include the possibility of an employee falling off while trying to pick a casting. In addition, the heights and weights of the castings may fall off injuring the employees. Some of the solutions to these hazards include:

To remove the castings placed in the casting and have them placed in a table just next to the grinder.

Wear shoes that are made of steel and can protect an employee’s foot and toes.

Change gloves from time to time to ensure that they offer the necessary protection.

Use a possible device that can assist in picking up the castings.


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