Free A Structural and Human Resource Frame Analysis of the Case Essay Sample

The following  frames are of great significance in this analysis. There is need for clear structure and chain of command.  Development and implementation of clear policies and procedures as well as approaching problems with logical analysis and careful thinking. On the human resource front, high level of concern and support for employees, being very receptive to employee ideas and input as well as high sensitivity for employee needs and feelings are some of the prioritized frames

Structural and human resource frames are very crucial to management. In the analysis of this case, a clear chain of command is not in place. I have realized that Williams noted a problem with the new recruits mainly on internship. They do not understand the main mission of the Aquarium and we therefore need to put up proper channels of addressing the issue. This is crucial to enabling them settle down faster in carrying out their mandates. We are hoping to achieve this via the creation of an office that looks into such matters and reports to me.

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Also, we need to have a clear development plan for the implementation of our policies. Employment programs are now being diversified to reach more interns of various background. For instance, the Teen Ambassadors program is aimed at creating a liaison that will enable us reach even the minority groups.

We also take note that our approach to issues that affect our staff have not been motivational and encouraging. Instead, we have killed the moral of many junior members of our staff. To deal with this, we have restructured our education department to be more friendly. Also, we have undertaken transparency measures to deal with issues raise by our staff so that we take into account what can develop the organization. We need this to boost motivational efforts.

On the human resource frame, the issue of in terns’ reception was riddled with much friction. At one point they wanted to dress in their own pleasing ways. There was no proper direction or orientation they were accorded to enable them adapt faster. To address this challenge, we are putting up more staff friendly human resource services to reduce friction between and amongst our employees.

Also close linked to human resource is the case of rebellious staff members as was exhibited with the interns. They were not yet properly trained before they were left to go to what we have termed as a totally alien environment without the proper knowledge or scientific information. With informed staff, we hope to have people who understand and appreciate their functions. That goes a long way in enhancing their moral as well.

We have put up measures to support our staff members who have felt demoralized. As Williams noted, our activities look very boring. We are going to put in place more empowering and enriching programs that are special to our staff. As he right put it, we have a responsibility to assist in moving adolescents to maturity. This will help us inculcate the responsible and meaningful relationships with adults. Again, that would improve the opportunities they have to sample the distinctive offerings of the aquarium.

We also acknowledge that these course of action have their ramifications. Like giving the interns much preference may make them feel too important but we hope to deal with the same. The structural developments will definitely strain the organization’s finances but again we can seek more fund from well-wishers and friends of aquaculture.

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