Free Analysis of Coca Cola Company Essay Sample

Coca Cola Company is one of the largest drink manufacturing companies in the world. It manufactures and distribute large amount of drinks to various parts of the world and this helps in raising the living standards of the people. Such drink makes life comfortable as they serve as refreshers. The company has over the last years been producing the best quality of drinks suitable for human consumption and this has helped in tagging it the best drink manufacturing company. The company has not only benefitted from the tag it has received but this has also helped in the market forces. The sales of this company have shown some bits of improvement for the last five years and a lot of development and expansion has occurred due to the maintenance and improvement of their financial stability.

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The company has always helped in boosting certain business organizations as well as some of the sporting activities taking place worldwide.  From all these boosting, the company has been able to achieve some of its aims and objectives. Some of these objectives are; to create good relations with the entire public, find some bit of income, advertise their goods or product, help other organization in realizing their dreams, and overcome other related companies that subject them to stiff competition. The company considers all these activities it involves in as sources of income and also as an opportunity to explore certain business techniques. From these the company also gets glues or the methods of business management used by certain business firms that are of the highest caliber.

There are certain obstacles that at times tend to hinder the company from achieving some of its sets goals or objectives. These obstacles are not necessarily meant for the Coca-Cola company but all other organizations or business firms that help in production of the same products or any other firm undergoing the kind management similar to that of the coca-cola company. However much the company has been successful for the previous years, there are certain hidden factors that do affect it though they appear minor to both the company and the entire public. Due to this minority nature of certain company problems, the company's management committee neglect them not knowing that the build up ending up affecting the company negatively. This neglect can cause great loss to the company and may be to include is the collapse of the company.

The company is divided into sectors and these sectors perform various tasks in the company. These sectors are divided in relation to specialization. Only those who are specialized in these sectors are expected to perform tasks under these sectors. Just to give an example to the sectors of work, we have the editorial committee whose work is to monitor the expenditure of the company, next is the management committee and this includes the entire managerial board committee. With this short example, it can clearly be figured out that due to many sub-sections within the management of the company, the is always a probability that the company at times can be subjected to wrong decisions

There are certain prevailing factors that can lead to the collapse of the company if not taken into consideration. Some of these factors are highly poisonous and cannot only lead to the collapse of the company but also affect employees of the company negatively. Some of these factors are; stiff competition, social factors, political factors and technological factors. Each of these factors has its own impacts to the company, be it negative or positive. The negative impacts outweigh that of the positive impact. Some of the negative impacts of these factors are as follows;

Stiff competition as a factor

The coca-cola company experiences a stiff competition from some of the neighboring drink manufacturing companies. The competition involves a lot. The competition in this case is divided into different sections or it can simply be said that it is of different forms under different field of the production process. The competitors of the coca-cola company compete in different ways. Competition from companies has really dragged down the financial stability of the coca-cola company.                                         

Political factors

Political factors has over the recent years affected the management of the company in that there has been a drastic fall in the market forces of the company due to lack coordination with the countries which are politically unstable.

Technological factors

Technological factors have affected the level of production in that there is no advancement in technology. The company runs sort of the modern machines that can help in efficient production of the company.

Apart from all these factors, there are also some of things that might lead to the collapse of the company. Some of these things are directly linked to the company. Though they are not so much but a little negligence can lead to the collapse of the company. Some of these things are as follows;


The company as the leading manufacturer and distributor of beverages that are alcohol free in the world has a strong and a super brand recognition and portfolio. The company produces products of quality hence is allowed access to over two hundred countries and this Has perpetually led to achievement of its market forces


There are low levels of performance in the company as some of the company's duties are done sluggishly due to lack of efficient machines that can help in performing such tasks. The company is also has a weakness of not responding to customers, evolving tastes.


The company is in a continuous process of expanding its distribution internationally and this helps a lot the marketing of its products. The high expansion rate in this case is due to good relations it creates with members of the public. With good relation between countries, access is achieved and the company continuously expands its sub-branches.


The threats of the company are the intense of stiff competition it experiences from other drink manufacturing companies. Another weakness is the dependency on other bottling partners and this cause slow rate of distribution. It also experiences a slow growth in processing of carbonated beverages.


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