Free Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Essay Sample

Chapter four takes place during the night while all the males are off at the storage area spending their weeks' pay with the exception of for the feeble threesome of Crooks, Candy and Lennie. In this paper we are going to compare the characteristics exhibited by George and Lennie who are very close buddies. It will analyze the character of George separately with those of Lennie then will later compare and contrast characteristics displayed by the two.

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Although Lennie is considered as a main character, he is perhaps less dynamic. This is because he undergoes no changes in development or growth throughout the story line. Even towards the end the readers still encounter him as in the opening pages. Lennie is feel with a lot of innocence this can be explained by the quote Lennie "Tha's good," he said. "You drink some, George. You take a good big drink." He smiled happily. In addition of being filled with a lot of innocence, Lennie is also a hopeful character "For a moment Lennie lay quiet, and then he said hopefully, "We gonna work on a ranch, George."  Although the author has used repetition Lennie characteristic this clearly indicate him to be flat. On the other hand George is considered to be an active character.  George may be brusque and intolerant at times, but he never strays from his most important function of protecting Lennie.

Like Lennie, George can be identified through several distinctive characteristics. He is short-tempered but an affectionate and committed companion, whose repeatedly protests in opposition to life with Lennie never weakens his obligation to shielding his buddy. George's first words, an uncompromising word of warning to his friend Lennie not to drink so much lest he get unwell, set the nature of their affiliation. Unlike Lennie, George does change as the reader progresses with their reading.  The reader learns that he is competent to modify and growth during his discussion with Slim, through which he agrees that he once ill treated Lennie for his own amusement.  From this event George learned the ethical lesson that it is incorrect to take advantage of the feeble. Lennie is basically responsible for George's faith in this safe haven, but in due course he assist George understand greedy nature of the humankind asserts itself and George can no longer uphold that belief.  Both Lennie and George are considered to be good friends "They had walked in single file down the path, and even in the open one stayed behind the other. Both were dressed in denim trousers and in denim coats with brass buttons. Both wore black, shapeless hats and both carried tight blanket rolls slung over their shoulders.


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