Free Analysis of Pasadena City Essay Sample

Pasadena is city around 13 miles from metropolitan Los Angeles. It is within California State in the United States. It is nicknamed the city of roses. The city was founded in 1874 and it has been in existence to date. The earliest inhabitants of the city were Native Americans. They traded with the coastal people and over the years, the city grew mainly as a resort town. The two world wars acted as a boost for the economy of the city as it developed quickly as high tech companies relocated in to the area in order to manufacture devices much closer to the war zone (the pacific). Currently the city is famous for the worldwide-recognized tournament of rose's parade and for hosting annually the rose Bowl football tournament.

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According to the United States census bureau the city had an estimated population of 143,667 in 2009 with a population density of 6385 persons per square mile. Total land area of the city is estimated at 23.2 square miles of which 23.1 is covered by land and the remaining .1 is covered by water. According to the census bureau, the population of the city has grown from 391 in 1880 to 133,936 in 2000. This data is represented below.

According to a 2004 comprehensive general plan for the city of Pasadena, the land within the city is distributed as follows.

Almost 58% of the city's total acreage is already under residential use or is set aside for residential purposes

Thirty percent of the land is either in use or set aside for institutional purposes, open spaces and parks or is not in use in any way.

Ten percent of the total land is either in use for commercial purposes or set aside for such purposes. These commercial purposes may include retail stores, office buildings and restaurants

Out of the entire land, only two percent of the land is used for industrial purposes. Industrial use in this regard may refer to land use for warehousing or manufacturing purposes.

Out of the vacant land mentioned above around four hundred acres of it is located on hills where the terrain renders it difficult to develop.

Pasadena city is managed as a local government. It has a council commission with seven members who represent the seven districts of the city. At the head, there is the city manager. In terms of legislature, the city has an elected mayor who is elected by all eligible voters within the city. To ease the city's operations there are several departments charged with various duties. A director heads these departments.

According to the American community, survey estimates of 2005-2007, there were over one hundred thousand jobs in Pasadena. For people aged 16 and older the employment statistics were as follows.

  • employment statistics
  • sales & office

According to the city's 2007 comprehensive annual financial plan the city had revenues amounting to almost six hundred million dollars while the expenditures amounted to around five hundred and twenty million dollars and a surplus of assets over its liabilities.

The city's population is expected to reach a level of around 150,000 by the year 2015. By this time, the city planners expect to have put in place better facilities in order to increase employment and living standards.

I had not traveled to the city before but the information I have come across is relevant enough. Thus, I believe the city has the potential to keep on growing.


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