Free Analysis of William Godwin, Caleb Williams Essay Sample

Miss Melville’s situation was as a result of an earlier scheme by Mr. Tyrell to send her to a business trip. The business as described, would detain her for several weeks. This resulted to the separation of Miss Melville, with her very dear friend Mrs. Jakeman. The two, felt very sad upon leaving one another. Mrs. Jakeman however, told her to persevere, and hope for the best from her courage and good character. Melville, though grieved, because of the absence of her counsellor and advisor, was unable to suspect Mr Tyrell of malice or even duplicity. She even congratulated herself, from delivery of what she considered an alarming prosecution.

Mrs Neville was in a very pitiable situation, though she had no sex with her persecutors, we can clearly see that, she had no one to consult. No person was there for her, to offer consolation and encouragement. Through her arguments with Mr. Tyrell, we see a very noble and clear spirit, although, she at some point falls, under the uniform terrors, and succumbs to illness. Mr Tyrell plays with the fears of Emily, under the pretence of being a friend.

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Mr. Tyrell had taken Miss Neville hostage, after he had been freed from the fear of his housekeeper’s interference. Mrs Melville, was closely confined to his apartment and deprived of all means of communication with anyone outside the house. He uses treachery by commanding Miss. Melville to marry Grimes. “You may think as you please; but here you are till you marry Grimes.” Mrs. Melville is opposed to this idea, and she objects, "Ungenerous, unmerciful man! And so it is enough for you that I have nobody to defend me! But I am not as helpless as you may imagine. You may imprison my body, but you cannot conquer my mind. Marry Mr. Grimes!” Mr Tyrell is very much astonished by such a reproach, he feels bitter in front of his prisoner. He even curses himself at some Point, for being so moved by Melville. He so much expected her to fear, but instead, she stands with boldness and defies her resentments. Mr. Tyrell in this context, displays a pensive and gloomy character. He plots a scheme to punish her using treachery, as she was not submissive to open force.

Grimes were a perfect candidate for his purpose. He plots to use him to cause injuries, for his gratification. He saw this as an advantage, and also as wisdom. He purposed to treat with insult, those who go to a capacity, to suffer themselves, for reasons of being tormented by ideal misfortunes. Mr. Tyrell believed that, the best destiny for a young woman was to marry them. He therefore, was much convinced that he should take part in a scheme that would betray Mrs. Melville.

Later, Emily has no option, but to listen to suggestions, by the person he feared to have intercourse with. The darkness aggravated the picture of this man taking advantage of her, and the distance to, Mrs. Jake’s sister. Under whose protection would she be in? However, the coldness of Tyrell place, and the dark, made her fear even more. Hence, she did not suspect Grimes of intending to make, an ungenerous and brutal advantage of the circumstances.

From this plot, we clearly see the ungovernable and fierce Mr. Tyrell and his character exposed. He would do anything to shape the fate of Mrs Melville. He exhibited so much tyranny, and deserved to be the most diabolical wretch, that did nothing, other than dishonour humans. It is so sad that this man could put a young woman under oppression. Despite the scene being played into, to publicize a stage, it expresses the astonishment and cruelty of a man.


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