Free Analyze Movement Patterns Essay Sample

Tyson Gay in Action

In the above picture, we see the athlete Tyson gay sprinting in full flight during a past competition. This gross motor movement involves large muscle groups with energy and in this case all body muscles are involved in running by the athlete. The skeletal bicep muscles are outstretched together with neck muscles. The leg muscles prominently feature in producing the force and the subsequent locomotion of the athlete as he crosses the finish line in the picture. The athlete exhibits a vital component of advanced movement that can be clearly noted by the combination of several motor skills in this movement pattern learned by training. 

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Lebron James

Lebron James is stretching out the right hand for a slam dunk in a past game- a classic example of advanced movement. The bicep muscles for both hands are out stretched as the athlete aims for the net. The jumping involved the leg muscles and with combination of other reflex movement built by constant practice.  The athlete in this movement combined various motor skills in running, then jumping, moving hands as the ball changes hands and stretching out the hands in preparation to dunk; the thought of the athlete are on aiming for the goal. This is great example of advanced movement. All the body muscles are involved in the process.  The various motor skills involved require prolonged practice and learning over a period of time.


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