Free Analyzing a Web Page Essay Sample (2011) is a website that is coordinated by the office of disease prevention, health promotion, office of the assistant secretary for health, office of the secretary, US department of health and human services. This website was developed by and was lastly updated in 2011. The US government published this website. The title for this website is health communication, health literacy and e-health. shows how the department of health and human service in the US help to protect and improve the health of its people. This website is of great use to the health agencies in US and to the people of US in general. The website first shows the importance of health communication. According to (2011), heath communication refers to learning and utilizing communication strategies to enlighten and influence the community on matters that involve health. This website links all the fields that relate to communication and health and thus it is important in improving public heath. The website also states that several tools are required to help improve human health. The public health professionals use these tools in order to improve human health. Such tools range from general health observation toolkits to specialized relations and central reports. The website shows that individuals and heath practitioners should use this website to know the best practices in the field of health communication.

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According to (2011), health literacy is very essential to people and to human health agencies. (2011) defines health literacy as the ability to acquire process and comprehend basic health information and services that enable people to make suitable health decisions. This website is relevant to health agencies and individual people because it shows them that people require health literacy in order for them to make the right decisions concerning health matters. Heath care information can be obtained from healthcare facilities, media, and community and retail outlets. People need to ensure that they get enough health care information because this will help them to acquire health care literacy. According to Kindin D. (2004), lack of health literacy leads to poor health outcomes and high expenses in health services and facilities. Inadequate health literacy affects health care agencies and the public.

This is because it makes people unable to search and use health information, which is essential in their lives. In addition, it renders people incapable of adopting healthy behaviors that can help them to improve their health. Lastly, it makes people not to take action on significant public health alerts, Kindin D. (2004). This website is of great value to the public and health agencies because it helps them to improve health literacy, which in turn helps to improve human health. Health agencies require to ensure that the community has an access to accurate and reliable health information in order improved health literacy. More so, health agencies should also deliver person-centered information services in order to ensure that every person acquires health literacy. Moreover, human health agencies also support lasting learning to promote health literacy. (2011) is thus a relevant website because it shows the importance of improving health literacy. Resources such as health literacy online and health websites help to improve health literacy.  

The other section of this website talks about e-health. According to (2011), e-health is the use of digital information and contact strategies to improve health care among the people. E-health also refers to the use of technologies such as mobile devices and the internet to handle health information and to improve public health. Various tools and resources fall under the branch of e-health. One of these tools is the online communities and support groups. Such groups help one another through the internet to improve personal health. We also have online health information, which helps to improve health literacy among people. Online health self-management tools help people to manage health information in order to improve their health. Lastly, we have online communication with health care providers and online access to personal health records, which are e-health resources that help to improve human health.

E-health is essential because it helps health care consumers and health care providers to improve health in various ways. First, e-health is important because it helps in the management of chronic conditions. People are able to get health care information related to chronic conditions through e-health. Moreover, it makes the gathering of information for informed medical decisions very possible. It also makes it possible for people to communicate with health care providers even while at different geographical areas.

In conclusion, this website is valuable and relevant to both the public and to health agencies in US. This website educates people on various ways of improving health such as health communication, health literacy and e-health. It shows the importance of ensuring adequate health literacy among the people. It also makes the work of health agencies simpler by educating the public on their role in improving human health.