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Advertisement and marketing activities are considered as the backbone of any viable business that is in pursuit of excellence. Therefore, for any business that holds success as one of its chief priority, preparation of competitive and effusive advertisement campaigns is quite of great importance. This is because advertisement introduces a product into the market hence creating a market share with the customers influencing techniques.

Advertisement can be defined as an art of visualizing the consumer needs and hence giving the customer a solution to this need. In addition to this, advertisement is a very helpful in tackling market competition. At the same time, it has been considered a successful means, among other means of reaching out to the customer. Therefore, it displays the image of the brand as well as arouses the customer's awareness about the brand. Advertisement campaigns are therefore an important tool for tackling the market and displaying he brand's image in the market.

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Advertisement campaigns:

Before going to the two selected companies advertisement campaigns and plans, it is better to define what an advertisement campaign is. An advertisement campaign is a set of activities that are aimed at preparing the attractive visuals according to the customers needs and harnessing maximum business benefits from it. Every business sketches its advertisement campaign before it establishes it self into the market and also after it has established itself for the purpose of introduction and promotion of its brands.

However, big businesses have been found to be more active when it comes to advertisement campaigns. This is because they are often faced with more competition in the market which is why they have to busy themselves in making more advertisement since they have to convince the customers to give then priority over other businesses. Sometimes, competition between the two or more big companies raises difficulties for customers to make their best choice.

Market competition and advertisement campaign:

Before designing an advertisement campaign, it is quite essential to consider the marketing competition. Therefore, marketing competition bears much influence in an advertisement campaign. A competitive advertisement campaign has to identify the current market, consumer need, innovation in the industry, competitive price and a quality finished product.

In fact, the current technological and innovative market environment leaves no chance to vendors who make their impression less competitive and less satisfying. Hence, the most ideal customer hunting tool for any businesses is competitive advertisement that guarantees sufficient customer traffic.

Difference between Push & pull influence:

There are two types of promotional strategies which are pull and push. Both strategies are aimed at achieving one target but they use different methods. The push promotional strategy creates the demand for a product using sales force promotional distribution channels where the distributors promote the product to retailers who in turn it to the consumers. On the other hand, pull promotional strategy goes with the advertisement campaigns that utilizes professional marketing tools to hit the target market while build demand in consumers. Both strategies are good for promotion of a product if properly utilized.

Best promotional strategy:

Nowadays the consumer is not an unfamiliar element in business activity. Therefore the push strategy might not be the best strategy to utilize. In today's business scenario the pull marketing strategy has very rapidly made the competition quit stiff and have greatly affects the consumer's decision on whether to buy or not to buy a product. So, a very attractive and solid pull marketing strategy has more capability than a very conservative push marketing strategy in appealing to the consumer's tastes. Moreover, in a pull marketing strategy the company does not promote its brand through influencing the consumer or convincing them to purchase its products. It is a battle of services and value which make the difference and influence the consumer decision. So, pull strategy becomes a perfect measure for winning the customers loyalty to the product being marketed.

Two different ad campaigns for the same product:

Advertisement campaigns are prepared depending on the management intentions. However, in general, advertisements are for trapping the consumers by identifying their needs in a visualized manner and providing them with products or services accordingly. This paper is going to explore include two very diverse advertisement campaigns for two similar but competing product that utilize different Ad campaigns to create a distinction between them.

1st ad campaign "business to consumer":

All businesses run on the basis of a certain concept relationship which reflects their activities. Companies who have typical business concepts only promote their businesses for the sake of business and profits. In addition, they make their advertisement campaigns to portray their products to the consumers in an appealing manner to attract more business and profits. This kind of advertisement could be called business to consumer advertisement and it is the most common form of an advertisement campaign.

2nd ad campaign "business to community":

The Second Ad campaign has been designed for the purpose of promoting the business to community relations. It is aimed at synchronizing the business with the community. This type of Ad campaigns cover a range and almost every segment of the market and are targeted at making contributions to historical, traditional and cultural events of the community. More over this type of ad campaign is more effective as it carries the whole community with it, other than the smaller portion of the consumer.

Two campaigns for a similar, competing product:

There are several hundred companies that deal with similar products and have tough competition between them. However, the most common companies that have been engaged in quite a big competition are Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Their products are so similar and common and are in daily use by consumers. At the same time, their advertisement campaigns are also considered the most competitive beyond any reasonable doubt all around the globe. In this paper we are going to explore the competitive history between Pepsi and Coca Cola the two companies dealing with same products and leading cut throat competition which is evidently depicted in their ad campaigns.

Introduction to Pepsi and their approach towards market:

Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink manufactured by PepsiCo. It has very old history about its corporate, brand and market persona. Pepsi was first introduced in 1893 and then renamed as Pepsi-Cola in 1903.  Since then, Pepsi has attracted a very large share of market which they still maintain to date due to their consumer centered advertisement campaigns that the company's management had set for its events and other common ceremonials of the society and community. Therefore, Pepsi's approach towards the market is to hit its consumers by synchronizing the product and people together.

Introduction to Coca Cola and their approach towards market:

Coca-Cola is another carbonated soft drink manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola also bears a long history of its brand manufacturing.  It was first introduced in 1886. Since then it has maintained its popularity and has set high standard of its carbonated soft drinks. Its popularity had given it a very iconic status in 1835 in the USA. Similarly, the Coca Cola Company has reached popularity in brand/product status due to its overall participation in almost all events and significant ceremonies in the global society. At present it is largely famous and a highly popular brand. Moreover, it has become a brand that people can relate themselves to in all their daily activities. Coca-Cola company's approach towards the market has also been to hit consumers by synchronizing the product and people together.

Marketing agenda beyond sell a product: 

The marketing Pepsi and Coca-Cola is to synchronize the people and the product. The synchronization of involves sponsoring people in their events like sports events, cultural, and other social events. Huge advertisement campaigns have been launched by both of the companies before, during, and after the events. Both companies have been using very unique advertisement approaches that distinguish them from other corporations and this also applies to their brands. At the same time, their marketing agenda is one of a kind. This is why both of the companies are running as biggest competitor of each other and even the only competitor of each other. In other words, they emerge as equally popular to the masses. Therefore, the uniqueness in their advertisement is that they involve people's emotions, and associations in their advertisement which make their marketing agenda beyond sell a product.

Do this for each of the companies? Consider what audience the campaigns are targeting:

Coca Cola Company generally targets cafeterias, large and small plaza, general stores, wholesale and retail shops and other large corporations.

On the other hand Pepsi has retained it primary and secondary target market as the youths especially the generation Y and has in the past spent billions in trying to woo the youths by making the impression that Coca Cola belongs to the older generation.  Profiles from market segments have indicated youths as the heaviest drinkers of carbonated drinks and this is why both companies strive to claim a desirable share of the youths. Pepsi most especially targets college and university markets and uses a lot of cash in competing with Coca Cola for contracts.

What image are they trying to create for themselves through the campaign? 

The Coca Cola Company has been trying to build its image as a company that identifies with the entire society from the young up to the elderly. In its adverts it h strived to identify with the youths by being a sponsor in almost every activity that involves the youth. For instance, sponsoring sporting activities which are mostly popular with the youth like soccer, football and athletics a. In regard to the elderly it claims to be the oldest brand which the elderly can identify with. Making adverts that will take the elderly back to the good old times in their youth and making them feel appreciated. This also includes making dietary brands which elderly people suffering from blood sugars can take.

On the other hand Pepsi tries to build a good image in the face of the youth by trying to dedicate all its resource to the needs of the youths and identifying with every activity that is of great interest to the youth. This is why it has both its primary and secondary target as the youths

Do you find these commercials (arguments) effective?

The fact that both companies have been involved in a non ending cut throat competition for quite a long time and have dominated the market as the two most popular soft drink companies proves that their commercials are quite effective. They have almost equaled in popularity globally with statistics demonstrating that they are the most preferred drinks in the global market beating the competition of other competitors demonstrated that they are very effective. The changing of adverts images and marketing strategies also reinforces the effectiveness of their commercials. Their commercials do not only aim at promoting their product but also reflect social life in their engagement in sponsoring events and the celebrations in the society. Their advertisement reflect a lot of ethos, pathos and logic Therefore, commercials are so much effective in the sense that they influence the consumer by using their daily means of business.

How do they incorporate rhetorical appeals into their marketing?     

Both companies use the rhetorical appeals of persuasion for each company to try and convince more customers to its side. These persuasive rhetoric's include visual where by they employ the media in airing of commercials, advertisements association with superheroes like Santa clause for the Coca Cola Company. This companies use the power of colors to appeal to the consumer's visuals, taste where they create different brands and labeling them as light, diet and so on in order to try and capture the appeals of the consumers. A very good example is the identification of the Coca Cola Company with the spirit of charismas. For instance there is this popular advert that involved a Coca Cola convoy airing during the festive season where the trailers with a picture of Santa on them travelled round the country cheering people up whenever they passed. This kind of association worked quit to the positive on Coca Cola side. Sponsoring of social events such as football, soccer, athletics is also part of their rhetoric appeals.

Pair them together and see what (if any) arguments they are making against one another:    

In the past Pepsi used to claim that the Coca Cola brand was for the elderly people with the main intention of attracting the youth to consume its brand. However, evaluating the two companies Pepsi and Coca-Cola by their arguments in their recent ads advertisements, there is no impression about any arguments against one another. They seem to respect each other engaging in healthy competition by each company conveying its own unique message to the public. However, the advertisement demonstrates a lot of competition as each is trying to outshine the other. Both of them are so much eager to get an ad on each popular event. Nevertheless, they are not so much argumentative against each other. 

How do their demographics (audiences) differ?

In regard to the demographics according to age Coca Cola and Pepsi differ in the sense that Coca Coal has established a brand that is specially designed to suite the needs of the elderly people. The Coca Cola dieted soda is specifically manufacture for people from the age of 45 years to 60 and beyond. This is due to the realization that most people in this age group suffer blood sugar problems and hence require a drink that will be healthy to their condition. On the other hand Pepsi has no such brand since all its energies are concentrated on the youth. Another difference is that Pepsi is more popular with women especially young college girls from the age of 22 to the late thirties while Coca Cola seems to be well distributed among all age groups. Coca Cola on the other hand has a winning share when it comes to children and youth I the age bracket of 14 to 22 years.

How are they the same?

In similarity regarding their demographics both brands thus Coca Cola and Pepsi claim a large share of equality in popularity when it comes to consumption in the age bracket between 22 to 40 years. This is the period where most young people go to colleges and this is why both companies have been involved in stiff competition dedicating millions of money in fighting for contracts in colleges and universities.


In general understanding of marketing and advertisement activities, the most considerable element would be the consumer's needs, and innovation. However, we are analyzing the product with same formula and same output. Therefore, it only requires the consumer knowledge and needs hence innovation is not being used to the greater extent.

After analyzing the two similar products with similar advertisement campaigns, it is quite right to draw conclusion that two similar products can compete with each other and still get a sufficient market share without cross rivalries.

Moreover, the historical background tells that the products from both companies have maintained their good quality since they have been ale to dominate the beverage market without any other brand appearing to be a great threat to them except for themselves. The traditional lead is still possessed by both of them with strong relation with the consumers as synchronization with the society and the culture.

Business and consumer:

Business boils down to trade while when it comes to the consumer the deal is about consumer using the trade items. However, the two companies under evaluation and their products Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola does not rely only on trade. They always liked a great relation with the community and participated in the events all around the world. The most considerable attribute the both companies possess is their very low cross argumentative advertisement agenda. So, they not only sell their product but also participate in the events and rituals all around the world without any market segmentation. And they believe in the anti cross argumentative advertisement. They have maintained their moral as well as social standards very well.                 


In conclusion advertising forms a very important and integral part when it comes to the success of any business. Business cannot expect to thrive and succeed beating the stiff competition that has recently been very much enhanced by the emerging technologies without promoting their brands and products. From what is demonstrated above, the secret to success in marketing in general is based on the consumer's perception of the brand, social and cultural manners and the methodologies applied to market the product. The perceived quality, emotional constructs, and justification of the purchase impact the customer's decision to purchase a product. At the same time, the association with the society also impacts on sale and build an emotional and moral relation between brand and customer.


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