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Free Apple Corporation Essay Sample

The future is with Apple Corporation

Good afternoon.  With the understanding that we are gathered here for the semester's technology information session, I wish to showcase the achievement of Apple Corporation with the intent of demonstrating that the future is with Apple. Perhaps you are the type of a person who demands quality and style from vendor's technological gadgets. Then Apple is the firm to stay with. Apple has managed to distinguish itself as one the corporation that understands the needs of its customers and caters for them through innovative products and services.  If you have been keen on news, you must have noticed that Apple corporation recently unveiled a slim but cute MacBook Air which is retailing from $1,000. To me, this is a clear milestone that Apple has achieved and indeed for those who want to be ahead with innovative products; Apple is the company to be with.

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Apple has managed to develop products that have worn the company praise and recognition in the market of technological products. Beginning with computer manufacturing, Apple has developed a number of products such as the Apple iPhone which are quite often used by many people due to their simplicity, versatility and brand. At this point, I must mention that the Apple brand is one of the widely recognized brands whose value is entrenched in the consumption culture of customers who are seeking a brand with value.  It is no wonder true that we notice people at the subways, airport, in the metro and restaurants conformably holding gadgets having the Apple's logo on them. The lady seated at the back with the iMac notebooks truly understands the value of holding an Apples gadget. I must say however that the success of Apple is not a mere coincidence but rather, a result of a system build to understand and deliver what the market wants and in the best way ever.  

At this point in time, I need to remind you of the times whenever Apple would release a new product. It was common to see consumers lining up to buy Apple's products even before the doors of the stores would open. While this may be overlooked, to me this is a strong message that Apple has worn the loyalty of customers not just by its development of innovative products, but by providing a unique customer experience backed up with excellent customer service. With the Apples's geniuses, one can have their gadgets fixed in time and through the Apples applications store, users can download countless applications for the iphone or even listen or download a favorite track from iTunes. So as you plan to shop, remember Apple has the capacity to cater for your needs both for comfort and style. With the release of MacBook which has so far been a success, I invite you to join the world of Apple.


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