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Free Application of McIntoshs Principle Essay Sample

There exist observable advantages and disadvantages based on sexual orientation, race or color. Men are advantaged as compared to the females; Whites enjoy a lot of privileges as compared to the other races. Heterosexuals are less discriminated as compared to Homosexuals or Heterosexuals. The following analysis outlines the privileges certain groups enjoy over the others.

The current school curriculum seems to favor males over females as they dominate the science based courses.  The education policies seem to reinforce White privileges. Integrated schools segregate students based on the abilities of the students and this gives the Whites an upper hand. The minority students are tested in Standard English which is a cultural biasness. Academic and psychological assessment is also based on the White and western cultures which might not be important to these minorities. School funding is determined on the basis of property taxes and thus rich neighborhoods receive a lot of funding as compared to the poor neighborhoods in which the non-White races come from. The non-White kids are not likely to be given honors even if their test scores proves that they are supposed to.

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Studies note that White students become hostile or silent when the issue of White privilege is brought up in terms of in-class discussion. Whites like to have racial identification and respond in a biased manner when racial issues are framed in terms of White privileges and minority disadvantages; they feel guilt. Whites with low racial identification give opinions that are not in line with the present racist attitudes.

Culturally men have been taught not to recognize that they are over-privileged and so is the White race. The White race believes that their culture is superior to the other cultures and it is to the good of the non-Whites if they are assimilated to ape the White man's culture. It is no doubt that the issue of slavery was not scorned at in the institution of learning.

Men are also seen to dominate the top seats of government institutions and corporations. They acknowledge that something needs to be done to improve the position of women in the society but they are not willing to give away the positions held by them.

Sexually, Heterosexual individuals are seen as the ideal people and do not face much discrimination. Bisexuals and Homosexuals are discriminated even in the church; there was an outcry when a gay was appointed a bishop by the Anglican Church.

Even though direct discrimination practices are outlawed, there still exists unofficial means in which white home owners are advantaged over their minority counter parts. Most whites own assets they acquired due to privileges they received in a discriminatory housing market. They are privileged to receive low interest financial assistance, mortgages and loans.       The Whites are less likely to be oppressed by the police. Department of Justice carried a survey in 2002 and found out that the whites enjoyed the privilege of not being searched three times more as compared to the other races. Non-Whites dealing in drugs as first timers are likely to receive a punishment which is four times greater as compared to their Whites.

In terms of employment, White graduates compared to the minority graduates from the same class and same skill are likely to be employed in skilled trades, hold high position, earn more, have a short experience of unemployment and receive more promotions.

In a bid to understand the privileges that the whites enjoy, I have taken the McIntosh approach of daily life situations to list down the privileges that I seem to enjoy. What I have to look at deals with my skin color and sex and not class, geographical location, ethnic status or religion. My list is based on the daily experiences that I come across and to some extent I have borrowed a few from McIntosh personal experience. The list includes: My application for admission to junior school, high school and University has been a surety and I have not been afraid of being among individuals of a race that is few in numbers. My race has been the majority in number; I have always enjoyed being taught by lecturers of my race.

I am less likely to face sexual harassment or discrimination in my class as compared to my female student counterparts; I am sure to face a person of my race if I request or demand to face the one in charge of many institutions of higher learning; posters, picture books, post-cards, toys, greeting cards, and dolls, and magazines featuring my  people's race can easily be bought from any shop; In school, I have never been asked to speak on behalf of my racial group; my doing well in class has never called a credit for my race; I can speak in public with my mouth full without people relating this to my race. While on a shopping spree, I am sure whether I am using my credit card or cash, my financial position will not be taken into question; I am always sure to find my people widely represented when I open the front page of the newspaper or I turn on the television.

In our home, I am always sure that our neighbors are friendly, pleasant and welcoming. They always present presents to me and my siblings; I have a privilege of playing with kids of my race that I grew up with and I have been taught to trust and avoid kids of the other type of race. Class lessons on heritage and civilization emphasize on us that our people are the architect of what it is. Shopping is always enjoyable and most of the time I do it alone without the fearing that someone might harass me; my dress code or my swearing does not make people judge my race as being immoral, poor or its illiteracy levels; I can proudly and loudly declare that I will not vote for a black without being seen by my race as being a racist.

Even with the privileges that men get, they do not get everything in life as these privileges might imply. Many men work hard; are bullied in their early school day lives; fight and die at the battlefield for the common good of the society. There has been significant change in legislation to recognize Homosexuals and Heterosexuals. Due to affirmative action non- Whites are being allowed to enter prestigious universities and other government institutions as employees.


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