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The world has seen a number of different ideologies which had had influenced people living in different part of the world particularly those who practice such ideologies. While there are numerous ideologies that grew and wakened with time, there are some which have left significant marks in the history of mankind. Communism is one of these ideologies which particularly took place in Asia. This ideology was practiced in several countries such as China, Korea and Vietnam where it imparted influence on social, economic and political orientations of some of these countries. There are several reasons that motivated the prevalence of the communist ideology in these counties and not in any other country that that was closer to the named countries.

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For a country like Vietnam, the onset of communisms was a direct reaction to the liberation of the Vietnamese people from the hands of the French who had ruled them for decades. Realizing that the American were helping the French in holding the Vietnamese captives free, the communist countries like Russia were much eager to supply their help towards ensuring that France and the United States do succeed in their ambition. As result, the Russian spent their resources in helping Vietnam but there was need of using an ideology that could ensure that the Vietnamese won the war against American. Later on as Vietnam split into South and North Vietnam, it had emerged that communism in Vietnam was instituted as a reaction to the United States help for southern Vietnam. Communism in Vietnam was a tool used to spread propaganda and pull the people towards fighting the common enemy.

In Korea also, Communisms came to be as result of the war that had divided Korea into two sections. Though banned, communism was regarded as a tool that would be used in pulling down the ruling power and giving the citizenry the mandate to run their country. The reason as to why communism took roots was that its elements appealed to the people who were able to subscribe to the ideology in favor of other forms of proving leadership and unifying people together. However, the entry of communism into Korea can be linked back to the role played by some Korean leaders who had stayed in Russia where they are likely to have been influenced.

China embraced communism as a result of Mao Zedong a poorly educated but intelligent person who saw the need of unifying the people of China against the values and principle that had created a division among the people particularly the poor, in china, the poor people were often overlooked by those in power. By having communism which advocated for equality among all, Zedong envisioned a takeover with communism providing solution to many of the problems facing the Chine such as starvation and poverty.

There are many effects of the communism presence in Asia especially to many Asia Americans who were living and working in the United States. As a world political power pushing for democracy, there was need for American to arrest communism and this made it declare war on communism. As a result, the Asian Americans went through a difficult time with their association with communism gave them a negative labeling that people associated them with. The main challenge of the Asian American was towards their achievement of goals in the United States since the society took them as part and parcel of their countries of association. With many people arguing the communist was harmful and demeaning the rights of people, the Asian Americans had to feel the pressure of being seen in the light of communism. These made the lives of Asian American difficult.


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