Free Audience and Purpose of Writing Essay Sample

We can define audience as a number of individuals of a group of people in a particular environment who are in attendance at an event and listening to a particular speaker. Meaning of audience is further expounded as individuals who are publicly informed through different aspect of mass media or through different interviewing program by a sovereign ,where an act of hearing is intended.

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Wording being the act of expressing word, an author can be well suited to select the type of writing that will determine the most appropriate topic to select. In Review Chapter 11, "Planning and Organizing"  the author narrows is preferred topic to,  firstly the analyses and assessments followed by  implementation's  and planning of decisions then to anticipation and contingencies management and then concluding with coordination. The professionalism nature of the audience who constitute managers and subordinates influences the authors' wording through influencing him to choose an interactive and business oriented strategy of expression. The author tries to use mode of Ethos to appeal to his professional affiliates or his board members as it constitute of executives of a company with a subject matter. He tries to convince the audience that he is qualified to speak on the particular subject so as to gain intense authority or honesty. 

Audience and purpose in the article "Real-World Writing: Making Purpose and Audience Matter" by Grant Wiggins, have been used as definition of differing tasks. This article   by Grant' Wiggins, describes the strategies used by writers to specific college audience. He introduced real purpose, a real audience. Is main point was the aspect of having something to say and making an impact while saying it, this was majorly through is English classes.

Grant' Wiggins main audience consisted of adolescents, whom he used a strategy know as "test prep" where students scores were reflected similar to test on physical exam with emphasis on good nutrition and good healthy living. These strategies were concluded as a better behavioral pattern of doctor's exam to formulae of teachers writing. He also insisted on empathy strategy as a basic form of influencing writing skills and also techniques he uses to appeal to his/her audience. Here the author tries to use techniques of Pathos where he appeal audience's through use of emotions. He uses simple claims of unjust matters so as he connects to value of the reader.

In the stories "How to Tell a True War Story" by Tim O'Brien "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin the author tries to use a technique of pathos and logos to appeal to his audience that  consist of  youngsters, it tells of Mrs. mallard whose experiences touches on readers feeling and the mind of the reader.

In conclusion we can all see the effects that the author as on different audiences in different formats. Analyses on purposes of author writing and techniques are used to appeal to various individuals whom are mainly referred to as the audience. In these articles and stories most of audience consist of professional managers, colleagues and also aspects of college students , whereby we can conclude that In these stories the major intention by the author is to persuade or provide information to individuals and also as a source of entertainment. Skepticism is mostly applied by readers while identifying the authors' reason for writing text, thus most reader's suit authors' purpose to their reading method. Audience type influences the appropriate topic to be chosen while writing and it also gives hints on presentation nature.


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