Free Can't Beat the Feeling Essay Sample


Coca-cola is one of the most recognized brands in the world and this is especially due to the company's careful marketing and advertising skills. This report will briefly analyze the 1989 advertising campaign "You can't beat the feeling.

Can't Beat the Feeling       

The company launched a global advertising campaign whose major issue was to increase the number of people drinking coke. The advertising 'can't beat the feeling' was created in 1988 and aimed to show coca-cola as a family and a date drink. The campaign was launched in about 100 countries making it the first advert outside North America in about 6 years.

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I chose to analyze this campaign because it is an excellent example of the company's creativity in marketing; through creative marketing technique the company has been able to stay at the top of the soft drink market for a long time. It is worth noting that the campaign had been launched in order to counter a rising competition from Pepsi cola. According to Paulo Pepsi was launching new advertising campaigns which marketed their products on the grounds age. The Pepsi Cola adverts were intended to portray Coca cola products as old fashioned. The Pepsi adverts had the word 'generation' coined to it portraying the drink as a drink for the new generation and thus effectively portraying the Coca cola as a drink for the old generation. It is against this background that 'can't beat the feeling' advert campaign was launched.

You can't beat the feeling advert campaign was a huge success. Though the advert took many forms this paper will only review the print form of the campaign. Some of the print forms of the campaign are given in the appendices.  The print adverts were designed in such a way that the give the feeling they are part of you and your everyday life. In particular the 1989 print advert has a glass of soft drink with a jubilant background (some fireworks) with the same color as the drink. The campaign was generally meant to make the drink appear to be part of a jovial mood. The campaign was successful because Pepsi did not overtake the Coke campaign in it sales.


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