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The following is a summary of Corina Marcuslecu's article titled "Captive Romania: Police terror and ideological masquerade under communist rule".  Essentially, the author concentrates in exploring the strategies that were utilized to manipulate Romania's social structure. It is during this time that the citizens of Romania were desperate for their rights, which they had been deprived during the existing totalitarian rule. During this time, terror was used to maintain political ideologies that were later found to be dehumanizing to the citizens. It is apparently clear that the author concentrates in showing how dilapidated  the situation was in the hands of the citizens. This system was characterized by coerciveness, complex, and primitive handling of subjects, which resulted infantilizing consequences.

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In this article, the paranoid nature of the author is evident because of the defense that he gives to the rule of law that exist in Romania. According to the doctrine that the author supports, the author provides ways in which the system can be efficiently adduced. Additionally, the author proposes structures should be out in place in order to ensure people's minds do not deviate from the doctrine. Additionally, people are further forbidden from all chaotic traveling, entertainment, and demolishing families by separating them from their members. To make matters worse, incentives are to be given to all citizens who show any sign of submission to the dictatorship by the Romanian government.

As provided the author, it is evident that Romania's dissident  was socially structured to promote the perpetuation of harsh politically treatment of the citizens. People were totally deprived of their social happiness and harshly critical of self-proclaimed prophetic leaders. Two alternatives of dissidence is observed from the author's arguments in the sense that there were people who wanted to preserve the wishes of the people and those who wanted to perpetrate the chaos. As it can be seen, one of the alternatives provides the option of maintaining the social and the professional failure. Professional failure in this case involved the cultivation of the spirit of non-achievers. In the end, it is visible that the totalitarian system was gaining momentum among the populace and the quest of defending the rights of the citizens was drastically failing. As the author writes. "to live waiting, trembling at each noise... to tie your life to the wire of a wretched telephone... How can I wake him up to reality?" We can clearly identify disillusionment in the voice of the author.

The author ends his arguments by comparing the totalitarian system and the regime of the people. The totalitarian is seen to flourish  in the face of all obstacles that originates from the urge to gain freedom. The system is particularly seen to have failed because of the incapacity to naturalize the power and extend its dominance to the rest of the population. This system also contrasts with the American system that does not coerce people in any way.


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