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Characteristics of Thompson Run Elementary

The process of initiating, implementing and sustaining change within Thompson Run Elementary is influence by a number of factors that exist in the school. First, it is important to appreciate the efforts made by the principal, Mrs. Shannon who has nurtured the idea of bringing the changes to the school ever since she joined in the last one year. This factor will play an important pivotal role in ensuring that there is proper coordination of the changes within the school. Additionally, her presence ensures that she oversees the whole process so that the benefits of the change are wholly gained. The presence of Carla Fox within the school is another factor affecting change implementation and sustenance within the school. We are made to understand that she has been yearning for the chance to put into practice her skill that she possesses in instructional design. The two skill teachers are going to offer an advantage in the implementation of the change.

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The school is also made up of two categories of teachers. There those who support the implementation of change and some who want to maintain the status quo. This is a factor that is going to affect the change implementation process in one way or the other. If the force of those who want to maintain the status is prominent, then the process would obviously encounter many obstacles and this will lessen the implementation speed. However, from this school scenario, there are a lot of teachers who are willing to put into practice whatever they learnt in college. Additionally, there are ready sources of funds that could be used in the process and this may act to pave way for a faster implementation process. Even veteran teachers like Mr. Zurovachak are in for the implementation of the change and this is strength to the school.

Reaction to Carla's thoughts

It is important to appreciate Carla's thought when she observes the teaching methods employed by her colleagues. First, Carla is evaluative in the sense that she is trying to look at the weaknesses of the methods used because they will form the basis of the changes that are going to be implemented. When Carla arrives at Mr. Puskorious' class, she observes the chaos that exists in the class but she does no snub the teacher for failure to control the class. This is a good character possessed by Carla, which would play a major role in the implementation process. Carla's reaction is also a positive one that promotes collaborative aspect of the change and this would guarantee positive results. 

A plan for what Carla should

In the first committee's meeting, Carla would have to do the following in order to ensure a successful implementation and follow-up of the change. First, it would be prudent for her to welcome all the members of the committee, which would include the head-teacher, Mrs. Lynn and Mr. Zurovachak. Additionally, it would be important to include teachers like Mr. Schlegelmilch who had raised the issue about compensation on extra time offered to the school. Including the members above would play a crucial role in ensuring that the process of implementing the change would run on smoothly especially when driven by like-minded individuals. This team would also convince the other group that appeared to reject the change.

Carla would then provide an overview of the strides so far gained in the first phase of implementing the change. It would also be very important for her to mention the positive feedbacks from the parents about the change. Doing this would serve to encourage the committee to put in more of their effort. Carla would also have to mention about the funds that would be sourced in order to ensure that the change is successfully implemented. She would then give an opportunity for each member to share their views about the change, discuss the merit and demerits, and to provide solutions to the changes that were beforehand.

State some indicators of progress the committee should look for and a rationale for your choices. The chief indicator of progress that would be used by Carla would be considering the corporation by the teachers. It is important to appreciate the fact that not all teachers support the change. Therefore, if after some length of time the hardliners lessen their stand and support the change, it would be a positive indicator of progress. A positive feedback received from parents will also be used an indicator for a positive change. This is because the pupils will be enjoying the lessons and may convey the same to their parents who would see it wise to thank the teachers. An improvement in the performance of the pupils is also a factor that will be used to indicate a progress. As initially indicated, the school was performing well in the district but after the change, progress would be indicated if the school tops or is among the top. 

How culture and context influence the implementation

Culture is an either aspect that can influence the way change is implemented, positively or negative. People may become used to doing a particular thing and this becomes a problem because most people fear and resist change. Culture makes one to be used to doing a particular thing and they devise their own ways of doing it conveniently. When change is implemented therefore, a lot of resistance is made and this may hinder the whole process. Some people may however be tired of the existing culture and may seek to break the status quo that is maintained by others. The context of implementation also plays major in affecting the success of the change. If change is initiated when almost everyone needs it, then there is no doubt that it would be easier to implement. Additionally, if all members can be able to understand the rationale, the benefits, and the goals, I would be easier to implement.

Issues change agents face

There are various obstacles that change agents face in the quest of implementing it. Chief among them is resistance from key players who would offer the greatest and meaningful support. It is important to appreciate the fact any proposal cannot be accepted by everyone and change agents should be ready for this at all times. Lack of resources is an obstacle to the implementation of any change and it is important to have everything in place to ensure success. Members are also under pressure to achieve the targets that they have set and this forces them to overwork themselves. This may make some of them to be disillusioned and lose hope. These are some of the challenges that the agents face while trying to implement the change.


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