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Individual workers or staff did not manage to realize any symptoms of the leakage in the conference room. Nevertheless, signs such as an unusual quantity of water in the conference room floor or neighboring offices could have signified a substantial leak in the ceiling. In this case, the quantity of water that leaked from the conference room ceiling was extreme, implying that the conference floor was facing risk of critical damage. Another symptom is the damages themselves stat could have formed prior to the springs’ leakage. Such damage comprises of wood decomposition, mould influx, and a compromise in the building’s groundwork.

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Potential root causes for the ceiling springs major leakage

The conference room ceiling could have holes, gaps, seams, tears that could account for the major leakage. There might also be potential feeble regions on the ceiling, roof, or even floor of the room above the conference room, if any. Such compromises might have been caused by oils, dirt, wreckage and peeling paints inside the floor of the room above the conference room, or on the ceiling adjacent to the springs. These compromises do not penetrate floor-to-floor leakage, implying that the leakage in the conference room was not experienced in any other room, or floor. The main problem then forms when office material and machinery is flooded and unable to work. Therefore, operations in the conference room are hindered, lagging progress in the organization behind.

Defining the problem

The crowded conference encountered damage to the credentials and operating machinery causing a hindrance in the working activities of the organization. Machinery and equipment degradation was also experienced during the water leakage. The flooded papers and equipments will require replacement or renovation with time. The ceiling sprigs themselves will cost the organization for repairing and maintenance, along with the ceiling and floor above the room.


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