Free Chinese Immigration Issue in the USA Essay Sample

Chinese citizens are said to be the first immigrants to enter into United States of America from Asia. They are believed to have migrated into the country in 1800s. In 1980 census, Chinese were recorded as the tenth largest foreign group. In 2006 their number was found to have increased making them to be the third largest immigrant group in the country after Mexican and Filipino immigrants.

However, there are various reasons that led into immigration of Chinese into the United States of America. First, economy conditions pulled them into the country. The history tells that first Chinese immigrants came into California at the time of the California Gold Rush, where many were employed in the mining fields. Later they started to open stores, restaurants and other businesses around gold mining fields, in order to earn money. The money they earned part of it was used in helping others back in China. Today economy is not a big issue, though some lower-class Chinese find opportunities in the country so as to boost their low wages.

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Secondly, political condition in the country favored immigration. The first Chinese immigrants are said to have been wealthy, well skilled, and restaurant and hotel owners. These immigrants were well and widely received by the public and government officials in the country. They are believed to have migrated from China because of a hostile political environment for business activities. Chinese government at the time levied heavily on the businesses earnings.  

Moreover, Chinese are believed to migrate into the country because of career opportunities. United States serves as the country with the highest-paying jobs in the world. This is mainly the reason that many have immigrated in order to further their career opportunities or find jobs which may be scarce back in their country of origin. Their are particular jobs that many immigrants come seeking such as in technology and engineering fields.  These individuals find that wages are higher here than in China and that enables them to save and provide money for themselves and families back at home.

Human rights issues also play major role in accelerating the migration of Chinese from their country.  Chinese government has high control over the public since it applies communism formula of governance. It is a country where human rights abuse issues such as human trafficking, child labor among others are highly practiced by the government. The people who escape these harmful situations migrate to other countries most of them going to United States of America.

Furthermore education system is also a factor to the immigration of Chinese into the country. The education quality in the United States of America is said to be the best in the world more also it is available to all. Education system is diverse and this makes people from other countries to migrate to the country for education purpose. Many who immigrate for the sake of education are said to continue with applying for citizenship grants for the country.

However immigration of Chinese in the country has its benefits. First, immigration has improved overall standard of living in the country. First, immigrants have highly engaged themselves into inventive or scientific activities which result into a gain to national income. There is evidence that United States of America has attracted individuals from China with inventive or scientific nature since the country is a leader in these areas.

Secondly, immigrants play an important role by increasing the market size of products and commodities produced locally. This has lead to the growth of income since government revenues, firm sizes and employment opportunities have increased. Some Chinese immigrants in the country have their own businesses premises and companies. These immigrants have created employment opportunities to citizens' hence increasing revenue to the government.

Furthermore Chinese immigrants have brought in problems in the country. First, immigrants have led increase in the population. High population creates competition to the few employment opportunities available.  Majority of illegal immigrants are said to be Chinese in the whole world. In the United States of America they are found to have entered the country. These illegal immigrants bring social problems. Some of the problems experienced are said to be abductions, illegal unemployment, political asylum schemes among others.

In conclusion, Chinese immigrants deserve to stay in the United States of America but they must be legal immigrants. They have been of benefit to the country since they play a major role in the growth of economy. This leads to improvement of the living standards of citizens. The government also has a major role to play in stopping illegal immigrants from getting into the county.


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