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Convenience can be very good and as ha s been witnessed in the United States of America, it is very useful especially in terms of saving time and efforts. One thing that does not occur to Americans is that time is saved up by these convenience stores and services, and time being defined as money; the convenience stores are more expensive than the normal grocery or any other stores. A young American kid does not even know what it is to play outside because of the comfort of the living room with play stations. Even with a basic look at it, it is not healthy. It also promotes anti-social behaviors that will go on to haunt the kid later in life. Convenient in America is turning more to be an inconvenience, unhealthy and expensive but so convenient to let anyone realize and that is why all sorts of convenient services are popping up every time. A family would save so much time and money if they went to a shop and bought the items they needed in bulk so that they wouldn’t worry about rushing to a convenient store every minute it needs something. What happened to the good old family shopping sprees?

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It has come to the point where Americans really love convenience that they will endure all kinds of inconvenience to achieve it. Preparing a decent meal for the family in America is a thing of the past as this has been delegated to the fast food drive-through window restaurants thus increasing the health risk for the American public. Cases of obesity and diabetes in addition to numerous health problems affecting the American citizens now can be traced down to these eating habits and any efforts of containing them should start with sensitizing the people to stop and at least spare some time for their own health, this is because we look for convenience in a bid to improve the quality of our lives but in this case, this amount of convenience actually undermines this quality.

All the inventions not only in America but all over the world are always ways to ease some aspect of life, look at the elevators, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, fast foods, passenger lifts. These things totally leave the people with nothing to do; which can be very unhealthy because with an idle mind, one can do strange things detrimental not only to the society but also their own health. A teenager would rather eat fast food so as not to be late for a show at night than eat at home. This is something that has existed for long since this generation, by the time they were born, machines were already doing much of the work for them. Even before the machines, a more crude option existed; slaves. Therefore convenience stemmed from these ideas as early as in the 1960s.

Convenience is good, actually the best thing that can ever happen to mankind but only if directed to the right aspects of life. Hence convenience that undermines health of a person is not desirable at all. If the time saved up by the washing machine could be used to clean up the house or do some other job, then convenience brought is good than when you spend that time seated at a computer chatting up friends or surfing up pornography in the internet. The body is structured in a way that it will need some sort of activities for the its functions therefore denying the body even that by using the automatic toothbrush because you cannot even start brushing your teeth manually is absurd.

The ones at the highest risk here are the children and the youth, never leaving the living room because they are in the comfort of their video games and television set. Cable TV just worsened the situation thus kids do not do any kind of exercise, even just running down to the shop to get an item. It is the body which suffers and when it does, I has a way of manifesting it; health problems. Diabetes, obesity, heart diseases are but a few examples of the risks these kids stand, thanks to convenience. It is even amazing that some people do not even hit the gym to look fit, they simply use drugs and the protein supplements for the mass gains. How bad can it get? The society of the remote control is what America has become, everything including the garage doors, curtains, showers and even cars. Imagine that even driving has become so hard that we have automatic cars running around.

For a healthy society, convenience should not be to the point of it being more complicated than the original way of doing things. The point that it has taken in America today is totally unhealthy not only for the present generation but also to the future generation as well. In future kids will dream of even riding a bicycle because there will be automatic ones. Skating use to be fun, not anymore for children are busy sating on video games with their hands on those knobs. Convenience used to be good when it was used just when it was needed, now it has become a way of life, an unhealthy way of life that has more of disintegrated families to a point. When there is no that traditional family meal times anymore then know something is not right. When you see your teenage son all the time in his room constantly on the internet having another life in the virtual world, it is rather disturbing.

The antisocial behavior not only by the youths but even in fathers in the families can squarely be blamed on technology that is the main agent of convenience. Mobile phones, ipods, ipads, all these gadgets lock people out of you world thus when in a situation that you have to interact with real people, you are stranded and become aggressive towards life itself. The reclusion as experts say is not good for one’s self and thanks to convenience, we on; have internet friends, internet farms, internet armies, internet accounts, it like living in a completely foreign world and it is even worse when everyone lives like that. This sums up to convenience being costly than it was ever fathomed and with further technologies being invented, we are doomed to a more reclusive and unhealthy world. Actually, ‘con’venience means we are conned but too comfortable to realize.


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