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The article covered in this paper is “Climate Change is Shrinking Species Study Warns” by Knight Matthew, written on October 17 2011. The article is found on CNN and published on the company’s website

The article focuses on the impacts of climate change on species; which has been negative since they have disappearing from the face of the earth. The climate change impacts have affected both plants and animals which in turn affect the human kind. The article sites scientific studies that identify the change in ectotherms that is based on climate change data collected for over 100 years.

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The article is persuasive in view of the fact that it has given facts and figures to support the idea. He quotes scientific journals that have published the research that give the impacts of climate change. He tries to persuade the reader to understand the real issues in the environment that has remained a fundamental subject. He persuades the reader to do something about the environment by elaborating the negative impacts. Knight, educates the reader by naming the changes on the species such as physical change on species. Scientist has proved that marine invertebrates reduce size by 4 percent, salamanders reduce by 14 percent, and fish reduce by 22 percent with each increase by one degree of temperature.

These changes have been seen to affect the ecosystems that support human life, which will be affected in the long run if necessary steps are not taken. The news article advices the reader to be wary of the consequences that are brought by the degradation of the environment. The author quotes that this will not only affect the poor countries but also the developed countries. He warns that it maybe sooner than people expect since the rate of impacts are spreading fast. His aim in the article is to persuade people to reconsider the steps taken to protect the environment. He seeks people to be more vigilant in ensuring that the environment is protected since the impacts are irreversible.

He is keen to point out that such impacts will be very adverse if people do not take care of the environment. He quotes “shrinking trends in the ecosystem are likely to impact heavily on humans”. The author persuades the readers to be on the lookout, by stating the number of people who rely on fish as food or as a major protein source; he also states the reliance on the environment for rain fed agriculture which will not be so if the trends continue. Anyone reading the article will reflect on everything they do that affects the environment given that they will know that it affects their future and as a fact may make it or break it.

The availability of water is also highlighted by the article so that the reader can be persuaded to be very careful with the ecological matters. The author paints a grave picture which helps to plead his case to the reader because if the reader gets visualizes on how the future will be then he or she can change or amend the ways.

I agree with the article given that it is based on facts and figures, I am persuaded by the article that environmental conservation is an important fact that every person should consider. This includes checking their damping of waste materials, use of chemicals, use of plastic bags, and fossil fuel use among other detrimental activities. The article features a very current issue that has always evaded the minds of many as they harm the environment. It creates an awareness that is the only thing that is most important, in that when people learn of what is at stake in future they will be more considerate.


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