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This is an article on how government regulations and standards affect the policy and the disabled. The focus will also be on the obstacles that prevent the disabled population not to meet their needs and the future trends and changes to social policy that may be necessary in a bid to ensure that the disabled meet their needs. To begin with, the disabled people are associated with the biggest portion of health care expenses. For this reason, it proves difficult to save on health care expenses when it comes to the case of disabled people. On the flip side, it is equally difficult to put in place a health care system that can cater for the disabled population. In Florida, social policy is regarded as the only way out for providing services for the disabled people.

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The government's regulation on the disabled people came onto the surface in 1990. The Americans with Disabilities Act which was later on improved two years ago, disallows prejudice against individuals who are disabled. However, cases like being a drug addict or losing sight that can be rectified is not categorized as disability. The disabled are recognized as people with equal rights of securing employment and access to all privileges that come with employment. However, although the government's regulation is protecting the interests of the disabled, it is notable that the blind are not accommodated in the law. On the other hand, the law categorically states that the employer is supposed to cater for health costs of the disabled. For this reason, many employers quietly avoid hiring disabled people. According to the studies that have been recently carried out, there is a drop in the number of people with disabilities who are being hired. This is a clear indication that the government regulation is affecting people with disabilities in a negative way.

In a bid to provide a solution to the menace surrounding people with disabilities, social policies have been adopted to improve their lives. Most of the disabled people cannot get survival basic needs and most of them are affected by hunger. For this reason, the food stamp program has been initiated to cater for the disabled. Other types of needs met by programs initiated through social policy include food and drugs monitoring and public transportation. Other government initiated policies also cater for other needs of the disabled population. Although it said that all policies are important, the one that meets the needs of the disabled in the society stands out.

One of the problem surrounding the issue of providing for the disabled is regarding the kind and extent of help required, how to provide that help and who exactly, among the disabled desperately requires that need. Although most people would argue that the focus should be on the most basic needs, there still remain a big number of needs that would remain unattended for. For instance, to provide food for the disabled person without taking into consideration that there is health expense would be missing a very vital point altogether. Lack of resources and support from both the public and private sector is yet another problem surrounding the provision of services to the disabled population.

How then can social policy be useful in resolving problems of the disabled in the society? To begin with, for the simple fact that most people do not see as if there is a problem existing, the first step would be to persuade individuals that there is a problem affecting the disabled. By doing this, more people will get influenced and feel challenged to do something about it. Private individuals can be of great help in identifying problems affecting the disabled and provide a way out on how to solve them. In addition, human services workers can equally provide great help in identifying the needs that requires to be met. Finally, engaging the government and private sectors in programs initiated through social policy would help a lot in assisting the disabled to meet their needs.

To conclude, the disabled in the society would be placed in a better position in the society if all their needs were taken seriously by both the government and private sectors. Although there are different types of social polices meant to cater for the needs of diverse groups in the society, not all needs are identified.


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