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Question one:

Some of the statistics that surprised me is the report by medical research that more than 25 percent of South African an admits to have engaged in rape and more than half of them having been in raping more than one person. Another statistic that surprised me is the involvement of young boys below ten years in rape activities (9.8%) of the interviewees who were asked about their age when they first forced a woman or a girl into sex. The final statistic that surprised most about rape in South Africa is the report that for every 25 men who commit rape in South Africa only one is convicted of the crime they did.

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The crime of sexual assault is casually justified by interviewee in the video. For instance one of the interviewee says that rape is the only way to make lesbians believe that being sexually straight is the normal sexual orientation accepted in the society and even lacks word to explain the way he feels bad about them as he says it hurts him so much to talk about it and despite the fact he has never had an intention to rape one of them he admits that if there are men out there who are willing to 'correct them' by that he mean raping them, then they better do it. By this comment the crime of raping is justified casually just like if it isn't a violation against the fundamentals of human rights.

Based on Karen Franklins essay the aspects concerning South African pieces can be explained on the basis of prevalence of climate of abuse in which previous offenders work scoth free and are never apprehended and held responsible for their misdeed. This is evident by the statistics that out of 25 rapists only one of them is convicted of the act and this raises concern on the high level of impunity in the society and the government policies. One of the female interviewee also says that it is normal in South Africa to see the person who raped her working freely in the streets without the authorities taking any action despite the rape victim having physical evidence from the sexual assault. This indicates the causality treatment that rape victims face in the nation, instead of getting a fair treatment from the state; they are being accused of being prostitutes.

Question two:

South Africa has the highest number of violence directed against women especially those don't conform to norms of the society and has the highest record of prostitution in the world because according to Karen Franklin this can be attributed to the prevalence of group violence by the dominating males which often go unpunished thus recurrence in violence against women especially though the correction by rape which lowers esteem of many women and thus engaging in activities like prostitution. Men use their masculinity which is appropriated by social norms as normal hence high rates of violence against women who are seen as the weaker sex and more vulnerable group.

The globalization has negatively affected the indigenous traditions and values and introduced the policy of determination which increases the society's dependency on welfare and the government rather than building on the creativity and self reliance by the indigenous people. Also globalization has led to overthrowing of the rights of the indigenous society replacing them with the legitsaltion hence demeaning to the minority society.

The analogy of exploitative tourism is true because the indigenous communities have often been denied involvement in decision making regarding the utilization of resources found in their communities hence making the investors to manipulate them for their own benefits.

Question three:

In the article Philippine workers abroad the police chief expresses the positive viewpoints in the article. The positive views he has about the many Filipinos working abroad include: presence of houses with concrete foundations which replaced the thatched huts build a generation ago, the presence of new cars in the village, use of washing machines, the financial ability of children to attend private schools, and ability of local people to purchase lands that they previous worked as laborers.
Most if Filipinos migrating abroad have negative views about their actions has they claim it results to more harm than good especially when it comes to brain drain which removes the much needed services in the country. In addition to that the migration especially of the heads of house hold leads to seek greener pastures to social problems in the family ties and consequently the society as a whole. The money send back to Philippines from its citizens working abroad inform of remittances in an attempt to overcome extreme levels of poverty back art home serves as the a driving force in the country's economy.

Question four:

The shooting tragedy in Arizona provides a space for, 'categoric knowing' because individuals are often interested in knowing in which category does doer of something like crime belongs to. For instance the lady in the review as well as the policeman who felt a sigh of relive when they discovered that the surname of the shooter was not of Mexican origin, minority group who have in the recent past been targeted especially for immigration issues. Therefore people have developed a culture of taking take categorical sides when it comes to events and issues that affect the entire group or category of people.


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