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Dorman Pacific is a company located in Stockton, California and is involved in manufacturing as well as the distribution of bags and headwear. The company is very much committed to provide quality services to its customers. For a long period, the company's warehouse has been using paper-based processes and tacit knowledge of the facility and that of customers.

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Problem statement

Dorman Pacific has been faced by the problem of inefficiency in the order picking process. The company has been applying paperwork in the process of ordering, a process which cannot serve a large number of customers in a specific time. Consequently, there has been a very big challenge to the company especially during the peak period. The process was also cumbersome to both the order pickers and the supervisors. There is a need to improve the current ordering process to increase the level of efficiency.

Solutions and implementation

There are several alternative solutions for this problem. First, the company can decide to train its customers on the order pocking process. This will reduce the time wasted by explaining ordering procedures to the order pickers. Another alternative solution could be restructuring the whole ordering process by integrating some of the stages. It could also be reasonable to introduce a wireless technology which is more efficient and effective than the paperwork.

The best solution is based on its effectiveness and its feasibility depending on the financial requirements. In this case, the best solution could be replacing the current warehouse management system with a new wireless system. This improvement will help in reducing the costs as well as increasing the level of efficiency.

Prototyping method was useful to Dorfman Pacific in determining where the best wireless points are situated. It involves building an experimental system rapidly and inexpensively for the end users to interact with. The company used the application software packages, an n information system which is most current in installing its wireless system.


The above analysis has provided some of the most feasible solutions through which Dorman Pacific can increase the efficiency in its ordering process. The discussion has shown that a wireless system can significantly reduce the problem.


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