Free Facility Planning Part II Essay Sample


Planning a health facility requires care so that the regulations are met, the budget is met and the stakeholders can achieve their goals. This paper looks at the process of planning the creation of a health care facility from an existing building examining the regulations, important issues, equipment needed, the cost of the venture and the time frame of the project.

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Regulatory requirements

Health care facilities are required to follow the licensing regulations of their state in the design they use. Usually this is the 'FGI guidelines for design and construction of hospitals and health care facilities'. The states require use of the codes in International Building and in addition, they need to be accredited by the 'Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations'.  The regulations require compliance with the fire codes set by the National Fire protection Association and follow the standards set in NFPA 99 and NFPA 101 which guide safety within the facilities.

The facilities must also follow the American with Disability Act since it is a public facility. They must follow OSHA regulations in setting up the design especially for their laboratory. Health facilities need to be accessible to patients and all who seek care with designs that enhance care. They need to use aesthetics that enhance the experience of the patients and promote their wellbeing. In addition, they should also offer security and safety.

And finally, they should be sustainable since they impact greatly on environment and are big consumers of water and energy. The designs must therefore ensure that they follow the regulations and all equipment and machines used should not violate the set codes and standards.

Color selection implications and noise issues  

The color of a health care facility is important to the wellbeing and therefore the health of patients. According to Carr, the colors should be calming and well coordinated to achieve the best mental state and mood of patients and to create a conducive atmosphere helpful to their recovery. If the colors are not tranquil, they may disturb the well being of patients and even become threatening to their recovery. Noises in a hospital should be kept to a minimal to allow patients enough time to rest undisturbed and to make them feel secure.  Privacy is also important and facilities should ensure they protect patients' information in the course of giving care.

List of the type of equipment needed

According to the National Clearing House for Educational Facilities, there are some common requirements for health care facilities. These include room dividers, X-ray machine, laboratory kits and products, heating and ventilation, sinks, examination beds, lavatories, waste containers, chairs and desks, tables and wheelchairs.

Electronic items needed

Electronic beds, monitors, tvs, phones, air conditioners, fans, side lighting and computers.

Examine budget planning and cost estimates

The budget to be planned would start with the conversion of the existing building into a health facility. After the building has been changed, the other equipment can be installed.

The role of stakeholders in facility planning and development

According to Tregunno et al, then usual stakeholders in health facility include the inside stakeholders and community stakeholders. The inside stake holders include doctors, nurses, care personnel and managers. In a small health care facility, the numbers would be smaller though the key role the stakeholders play would be similar. The role of the physicians would be to ensure that the facility is designed and developed in a way that enhances their care delivery. The facility must promote the wellbeing of patients as well as the physicians giving care. The nurses also need a facility that will assist them to give the best care to patients and not challenge them as they carry their duties.

The care personnel also need to ensure that the facility allows them to interact with the physicians and nurses as they give care. In addition they need the facility to be designed in a way that even outside personnel like emergency personnel can maneuver in the facility without undue problems to enhance patient care. The community stakeholders need to ensure that the facility meets the public facility standards and is beneficial to the community and not harmful. The facility needs to meet the unique needs of the community it is in.  


This paper shows that the planning of the facility is achieved through ensuring that the proper standards are adhered to and the project is handled within a practical financial budget and timeline. The project will take 8 months to complete to give ample time to get the proper codes followed and to maintain enough time for any unforeseen challenges.


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