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Revolutionizing the Culture of Writing

Writing is the representation of language through a textual medium. The culture of writing is the day to day representation of the language in writing form in a certain way. A writing culture can be recognized in a learning environment when the teachers and student interact well and have systems in place to improve writing skills of the students. Creating a writing culture is of vital importance in a learning institution and it is a brainchild of the success of the institution. Therefore, paradigm shifts from the existing systems and programs to modern transformed educational tools.

Fear of writing “is the nervousness that people feel when they have to put down their ideas and thoughts in written form. It may be caused by different fears”.   Writing should be a fun experience not a handle to deal with. Every writer has a story to talk about the hardships that entails writing. However, fear of writing has no cure. It can only be eradicated when a writers feels and uses to write.  Martin Myers made this sense of alienation adorably quotable when he said, "First you're an unknown, then you write one book and you move up to obscurity”.

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A writer may be scared of mediocrity, failure, success or experience a lack of self confidence in the writing. This fear is common among many students and teachers. The problem can be fought at specially designed classes where one would learn correct and simple ways of writing. At the classes all student would be able to get support of a professional teacher. A high level of writing culture can be achieved through the creation of writing programs and imbedding them into an institution learning schedule. These programs involve writing seminars and workshops, writing tutorials for the students, inter-institutional writing forums and conferences, electronic writing systems. It is also essential to have an independent department, a kind of writing center, to deal with other institutions.

The writing center will play a crucial role in integrating writing programs into basic institutional learning activities. Writing culture program should get unconditional support from the teachers and students of the institution where it is integrated.  Their participation in the project would ensure its success. The students and teachers will benefit immensely from the program. The student will improve their writing skills, and it will help in their academic performance. The teachers will get a chance to interact with the students, and other academic professionals creating a network which would help in career building. Both the students and teachers will also get rewards from the competition.

It is noticed that students from CLT “show positive results after attending writing classes. The main reason of starting a writing studio was to develop a writing culture among the students. The results are outstanding. Their specific intention in the first year of starting a writing program is to help the students to apply what they learn at the first year”. They use it to write other tasks that fit the environment they may be in. Creating writing culture is critical to the learning institutions, but there are some barriers in implementing this.

Some people are afraid of upcoming challenges and resist changing anything whether the change is positive or negative. There will also be budgetary hindrances. The administration might not be willing to release funds. These hindrances can be overcome by sourcing for funds from external societies or communities, which could fund the program. Creating a rewarding system that would encourage students and teachers to participate in the program.

The purpose of the writing culture should provide an environment for intellectual exchange and eliminate the fear of writing among students. The writing center will mentor both reading and writing cultures in the society. For many years, writing cultures of the societies face ignorance from the people. As such, the development of such programs is still underway. The programs in place are not fully satisfying the writing culture of the people. Therefore, people working in the education sector must take a step to revolutionize the culture of writing to create a better society.


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