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The field placement took place at Firehouse in Birmingham. The organization has helped several individuals since its inception in 1983 by the Cooperative Downtown Ministries. It is vital to avow that the firehouse shelter grants services to men with crisis homeless demands. Furthermore, these men do not have detailed time perimeter on the extent of residing. The mission of the organization is to grant a nurturing and compassionate atmosphere for the homeless men within Birmingham, and its environs, so that they can conquer their packed prospective. The focal objective of the institution is to afford a facilitating setting, as well as providing guests with the necessary facilities. The aspiration of the organization is to make certain that everybody walk out of the refuge into an advanced, appropriate everlasting accommodation condition. Other objectives include helping the overnight visitors prevail over the hindrances that caused them homeless. It is crucial to affirm that the physical location of the organization is Alabama State. Specifically the shelter is in Birmingham, along Third Avenue 1501.  

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In a bid to accomplish placement purpose, I was operating closely with the case managing coordinator. There were several undertakings, but the main role was case management of clients. There is a category of temporary, as well as permanent clients; therefore, the first mandate was to lead callers into their respective shelters. At this point, the client receives all the guidelines, as well as the guiding principles of the organization. There are habitual assemblies with the homeless men to establish the needs by holding a conversation with them. Additionally, the process of identifying the needs aids in developing the life stratagems for the clients. The process involves counseling, as well as allowing the client to propose ways of acquiring lasting housing facilities. As a case management person, there was wise utilization of the obtainable society reserves to aid in ending homelessness occurrences. This involved identification of clients with pressing and genuine reasons for being homelessness then forwarding them to the coordinator.

Although enduring housing is the ultimate goal for case management, the clients deserve other services. These include offering education, as well as life skills. There is occasional retreat for the homeless men where they share life experiences. Furthermore, such retreats create opportunities to offer counseling on evading burnout. A mutual practice of monitoring, planning, as well as facilitation and promotion of alternative services available to client's heath. Accomplishing these require communication and utilization of existing resources to uphold eminence cost-effective results. Another role in case management included a provision of all-inclusive structure, which integrates communal and ecological determinants of well being. Moreover, there are periods to teach the clients on the organic, as well as medicinal parameters that advance their health conditions.

Other case management duties involve restoring and promoting the welfare of the clients within the facility. Guaranteeing access to safe and clean shelter was one of my chief responsibilities. This involved a synergistic effort with the volunteers to clean the shelters and their environs. The case manager is accountable for the client's daily meals. Other wellness services include provision of clean water for domestic purposes. Other duties include involving volunteers in the laundry. Men with disabilities usually require special attention since they may not be able to get the necessary services on their own. The philosophy of empowerment is the leading principle in the facility. The guests require inspirational stories including successful homeless men from the site. Dignity and respect are some of the driving forces for successful implementation and achievements of the program goals. It is; therefore, declared that the field placement was fulfilling since several targets were met.


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