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The Role of Gender in Education

It has been convincingly recorded that even though boys and girls are mixed in the same classroom, read the same books and even listen to the same teacher, at the end of the day, the boys and girls receive very different kinds of education. In more accurate terms, it has been a result of research that as the girls do join school at the elementary level, their performance is equal or even a little bit better than the boys but the trend completely changes once they are leaving college or even high school. It is due to this shocking and abnormal trend that it is important to take note of the fact that the education system is structured in a manner to completely highlight the differences that exists between the two genders.

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Classroom interactions are a key part to be considered in this debate as they are fully responsible for the notion that the girls are given as being unequal to their male counterparts. It is true that for every time that the girls and boys are aligned or made to sit together, the teachers stress on the fact that the girls ought to be treated differently. Although it is a fact that in the recent past and today, girls are outperforming the boys in academics, some classroom interactions have clearly indicated to be completely working against gender equity. Girls receive praise from their teachers fro being calm, neat and quiet while on the other hand, the boys are promoted into more independent thinking, speaking up their thoughts and being active. At the end of the day, it is clear that such kind of socialization creates vey different attitudes and approaches towards studies in the classroom between the genders.

The resources and materials used in the classroom may as well be a leading cause of the great rifts between the two genders even in the classroom. For in stance, using texts that leave out the contributions of women in the society or which stereotype women go a long way in compounding gender bias among the students. Research has found out that the use of balanced curriculum helps in creating knowledge that is gender balanced among the students.

Finally, communication methods that are used in the classroom by the teachers when addressing the boys and the girls is very crucial in creating gender biasness. Teachers' response to students can be broadly categorized into mainly four parts. The teacher can use praise, positive feedback for correct answers, the teacher may remediate and finally the teacher may decide to encourage the student to expand their knowledge. Research has recorded that the boys are more often treated to praise and remediation while girls on the other hand receive acknowledgement for the correct answers. This mode of communication that is used has been analyzed to encourage boys to expand their knowledge than the girls.

The Role of Public Policy in Gender Roles

The Japanese government forms an ideal government where issues to do with gender roles can be comprehensively discussed with a consideration of the radical gender roles changes that it has received over time. It was shocking to many people that the wife to the former prime minister for Japan, Ryutario Hashimoto was recorded as saying that her role in the life of the prime minister was surrounded with just being a housewife to take care of the children, her husband, and taking care of her mother in law who was sick at the moment. Despite being the first lady the government had she had no roles aligned to a country's first lady. It is striking though that the traditional trends in regard to the gender roles in the country are drastically changing as more women are today educated and single just pursuing their careers.

The Japanese law can be reviewed in terms of gender on a very harsh note because upto date there are some sectors of the law hat are totally against gender equity. The civil law in Japan is very gender insensitive as it prohibits the women in the country from remarrying after divorce for six months. The law also goes ahead to prohibit children who are born under the circumstances form being recorded under the family register which belongs to their father. It is only in a court of law where the husband can be allowed to testify that the child is not his hen he can be allowed to be free of the child. The law of the Japanese government is by far a legislative structure which offers very conspicuous signs that go along supporting and promoting gender inequality in the society.

The Japanese law has been highlighted as one that really undermines the rights that women have to start over new lives after divorce has taken place. A judiciary system that does not acknowledge that the father of a child ought to be determined using DNA tests but on the current husband to the woman is a total slap on the face to efforts to promote gender equity in Japan. As a matter of fact, the Members of Parliament in the government has gone ahead to call women who engage in divorce only to wish taking the child's responsibility to the former husbands as pure prostitutes. The fact that the men are left off the hook in regard to the regulations that govern divorce cases wile women are unfairly put on the spotlight is an indication of how much the government's law and policies are structured to promote gender inequality in the country. Men are allowed to divorce and remarry at will while no responsibility is held onto them in regard to the children they had with the wife. On the other hand, the government policies that have been structured to create political positions in the country have been for a long time been twisted so as to accommodate more male politicians than the female politicians in the government.

The Role of Gender in the Workplace

The roles of gender are different for each gender at the work place. It is a common trend though that the differences in gender at the work place usually fall on the lower side as higher levels of advancements and more time is spent at the work place by an individual. It is important to appreciate the fact that women have come a long way in the society into competing effectively with men for the same positions at the work place. Education has been pointed out as the main reason as to why radical changes have occurred at the work place in terms of the competence levels that have enabled more and more women to occupy the high positions in the work places.

Studies have revealed the fact that even though more women are occupying powerful and high positions at the work place as is the same case with men, the women that have had to perform to such exceptional levels are expected to have special managerial skills when compared to other men in the same position. The women who are performing at these levels have to posses special talents and skills which are superior compared to the men who are in the same position. Another area of great controversy concerning the gender equity at the work place is the remuneration that is offered to women and men in the same positions. Even though many women are getting their opportunities at the work place just like men are doing, the rate at which their labor is compensated is still lower as compared to the salaries that the men get.

The differences that have been highlighted in the upper part are mainly physical in nature. In terms of the mental differences that the two gender lines face, it is true that women posses better language skills which make them better communicators at the work place. Men on the other hand are better graspers of concepts due to the fact that they have better developed visual skills. It is also vital to acknowledge the fact that even though the roles of women and men may be the same at the wok place women have to joggle with house chores hence their performance is unfairly compared at the work place.

However, several changes can already be identified to be taking place at the work place in terms of gender equity. Women have now been empowered with knowledge and are no longer susceptible to being forced into performing some duties. As a matter of fact, legislative measures regarding sexual harassment and discrimination at the work place is common knowledge to most people today hence the reduced cases of injustices aligned to such areas. Finally, in regard to the roles that women have back at home more flexible routines are coming into place where the children can be catered for at the work place for both the male and female workers. This is leading to more equity at the work place.


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