Free Germany Culture Essay Sample

The Germany has been portrayed as mechanicals.  In Germany, the people there have been for a long time been portrayed as being humorless, bureaucratic and hyper- organized. Their hardship is believed to come from the medicine men. Most of them feel uncomfortable when one talks about world war as this really affected them and they never want to talk about it.  In politics, they use proportional mixture to determine their democracy. The Americans use the majority system. The Germany system gives more power to their candidates. The Americans are very independent and are required to performing much campaign on individual basis to determine their win.

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There is much communism in Germany as opposed to the U. S. The U. S believes in communism while the Germany believes in Socialism. Whereas in U. S majority of the people were jailed due to communism, in Germany people believed in socialism. Communism was completely forbidden by their high court and anyone found in their activities was taken to jail.  The Germany people do not believe in fights and believe in coming up with long term projections. There government secure their people from illness and give them health insurance services.

The dressing code in Germany is quite preservative. The old people will never be seen dressing in tight fitting clothes. The young generation however does not have much difference in the two countries. The other stereotype is based on the folk traditions. The Germany men are believed to be wearing Tyrolean hats whereas the women are believed to be wearing dirndls and braids. Normally, they celebrate October fest and play tuba while drinking their beer from steins. Most ladies do not expose their bodies as they do not put on tight dresses. Their religious believes bounds them on how to dress. They perform so well in their dances.  They have many traditional dances which they value so much and perform during their cultural activities like weddings.


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