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Mothercare SWOT Analysis

Mothercare has been our major competitor that has set a stiff and competitive atmosphere in the market, keeping us all along at pace. In an attempt to exhibit our competency, wide market share, and as well, pose a high competitive advantage over them, I have come up with an analysis of Mothercare Company that will stimulate our ambitions.

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Mothercare Company has gained key competence over the years, to effectively use information technology to maintain a high notch of its worldwide logistics system, which puts it at a higher competitive advantage. The business, has high regard to its workers, and has spent its time and money in training its employees. Today, the company boasts of a wealth of competent, skilful and highly effective human resource that has seen its quality increase significantly.


Since Mothercare produces a variety of products, ranging from children clothing to adult wears. Therefore, with the wide span of control, it lacks the efficiency to compete with us in our only focused products-children clothing, hence, our guaranteed success in building a successful brand. Although the company seems to be international, it has presence in very few countries universally, among them excluding Mexico, Canada and Brazil.


Mothercare is currently controlling markets in a comparatively small number of nations, which opens up its immense opportunities to expand in customer marketplace such as India, Mexico and Canada. Again, opportunities are available to carry on with its current strategy of great, super markets.


Mothercare's production of wide range products; has become the target for any competitor producing in any of the same products locally or internationally. The costs of producing a wide variety of products, tends to force the company to outsource regularly. This has posed stiff price competition resulting in price deflation to substantial ranges. Such price competition is of great threat to our competitor.


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