Free Globalization Capitalism Essay Sample

Collaborative global institutions such as NATO have always promoted security. However, situations concerning immigration, migration and common defense programs can erode the autonomy of states. Some scholars argue that globalization has weakened the national security of states. It has brought with it the challenge of global terrorism. Many people expect globalization to transform the pursuit of security in the future, but there is no evidence that it is heading that way. In fact, it is like terrorism is becoming more rampant.
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Globalization has brought about a privatized world where an individual state is no longer solely responsible for its security. The number of private security companies is growing, and global mercenaries have taken up security in many parts of the world. The state seems to have lost authority. Globalization has caused inequalities and promoted vulnerability among nations that are weak. Those that are un-globalized have suffered the most. Nevertheless, states are not losing power. Instead, they are just sharing it. Globalization has affected the supremacy of the state but it has not undermined its existence.

Many people have always known the state to be the highest authority. They consider the state to be responsible for economic growth and their general welfare. Most of them cannot even think of being answerable to a world order which undermines the authority of the state. The state is generally accepted because it is formed by the people through an election. As such, people are unlikely to accept a private authority because they have no control over it, and it also has no responsibility towards them. Consequently, globalization will only seek to increase animosity and conflict within the people of different cultures.

There is a certain type of class conflict within capitalism that always takes various forms such as the control over parliament, economic inequality and cost of consumer goods. However, during the periods of crisis and revolutions, this conflict usually takes a violent nature. It involves repression, restriction of civil liberties and violence that occurs through death squads. Accordingly, this undermines security in a specific state whenever it becomes a victim of these gangs.

Transnational organized crime has recently been identified as a threat to the world order. According to Liddick, transnational organized crimes usually undermine the integrity of individual states. These organizations are complex in their nature, have global penetration and threaten democracy and economic development of the world nations in a very big way. Their biggest trouble is that they are engaged in criminal activities such as international drugs and arms trafficking and smuggling of people and automobiles. They also smuggle embargoed commodities, technological intelligence and engage in manipulation of financial market. They are corrupt within and outside the state. It is imperative to note that these organizations threaten the economic and political stability of many nations. They pose a major threat to international security and the rule of law.


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