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Social leaders have to have qualities that make them quite influential factors that make them stand out to solve the challenges faced by people and produce positive results. The individual does not have to have any social standing to improve the standards of the society according to the wishes of the people. The public society looks out for someone who has their best interest at heart and Bertha Palmer assumed the role of a social leader and carried it out quite diligently. Her role in the society was quite influential and this might have been attributed by her background but the fact was that she used it to benefit the society. She took on this role in the 1800s, a time when women were not regarded as equals in the society and made an impact and a difference on the matter of equality. Therefore, this paper aims to look at Bertha Palmer as a social leader and the skills she used in making substantial changes.
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The skill of submission is not one that is possessed by many individuals but Bertha used it to her benefit and those of the society. The fact that she was from an influential and wealthy family did not stop her from submitting to the cries of the women in the society. The people might not been in higher power than her but she was willing to be submissive and listen to their woes. This gave her the stability and guidance that she needed in assuming the role of a leader for the greater good of the society. She assumed this role and defended the rights of the women in a manner that portrayed courage and a zeal that made people listen to her. Defending the rights of women during that era was rather difficult as the women were perceived to occupy certain roles in the society and equality was a far fetched dream for the women. Mrs. Potter Palmer was able to understand the women as she was one of them and felt it was a bout time that someone voiced their concerns.

As a social leader Palmer believed in the value of unity as it was the only way that they would be able to penetrate the male dominated world. She could not be able to fight for the women's rights alone without having unified herself with the women, nature and other involved institutions.  This gave her the ability to realize that if she made any wrong decisions then the consequences would be felt by every single individual involved.  She started as member of the Chicago Women's club and this gave her the ability to understand the problems faced by the women better.  This interaction was important as it gave the foundation of her leadership. The groups met to discuss solutions and try to emerge with solutions. Mrs. Palmer would then be the voice while presenting their problems to higher authority. Her position in society and her wealth helped her make progress in the fight for women's rights.  Her value of humility helped her carry out this role quite effectively.

One cannot be a social leader if they do not have the passion for the position, this can only achieved if the person has a calling for occupying the position. From her outward appearance and successes, one could not have thought that Bertha Palmer could assume the role of a social leader and play it out quite perfectly. This is because wealth had always been part of her lifestyle and she had other talents as well but this was not enough as she had to explore all her gifted areas. The interest that she had in being a social leader in order to help the society helped her deliver her services to the people perfectly. Always known for her wit and intelligence, she applied both very well while leading he women's clubs in the society of Chicago. The people were quite satisfied with the results achieved as the growth of the women's clubs continued to be stronger with time. In 1891, she was even declared president of the Board of Lady mangers of the world's Columbian Exposition. This only proves that the people were satisfied by what was being achieved through the leadership of Mrs. Palmer.

The vision that Mrs. Palmer had for the women's group that would advantage them had been quite big and beneficial and she use her power to work towards that.  Her aim was not only to change the equality aspect but to improve the lives of the women in the society.  This was attributed to the fact that it would help shape the children's lives as well.

Integral Education

This is the education that instills knowledge in leader that will be effective in helping him/her guide the people in the right direction. This knowledge goes beyond general information and skilled individuals but rather knowledge that is rather necessary.  As mentioned earlier, Mrs. Palmer was from a background that was quite wealthy hence, her education was rather proper.  This knowledge was applied effectively in the group meetings and coming up with ideas that would instill knowledge in the lives of the women too. This is important since as a social leader one acts as great inspiration to the rest of the people and one would want to inspire knowledge and wisdom in them just like Bertha Palmer did.

Social leaders are known to be very active leaders and this is the role that Mrs. Palmer exhibited to the society. Her actions did the talking for her as she used her wealth to steer the projects and her position to increase her influential capabilities. As soon as she assumed leadership roles in the Women's group she started the project of supporting kindergartens.  She spearheaded this project until finally the government made them part of the school system of the city.  She also participated in some of the campaigns that bore fruit later on such as; campaigning for inexpensive milk for children who were rather malnutrition and providing better care to the children whose mothers were imprisoned.

To sum it up, social leaders are aware of their surroundings and how different systems operate; they use this knowledge to guarantee freedom and fair treatment of every individual.  Bertha Palmer was aware of this fact and knew she was at a position of improving the lives of many individuals. Hence, she used this opportunity to make the lives if the women better and this gave her a lot of recognition. Therefore, she had the necessary skills to make sure that the people would be satisfied by her leadership role in the society.


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