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The institution chosen for this paper is the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. This is a hospital that is affiliated with two medical schools and consists of a distinctive center separate from the medical centers of the two separate medical schools. The medical schools are that are in partnership with New York-Presbyterian Hospital are Cornell University's Weil Medical College as well as the Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons. This is one of the main international referral center and in addition, this hospital falls in the list of the world best performing institutions and among other institutions in the United states.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital falls in the sixth position in the United States based on both local and international news. The New York-Presbyterian Hospital was formed through the merging of two hospitals that used to exist as individual entities, these were the Presbyterian hospital and the Hospital of New York and currently the merged up hospital is now the biggest employer, in private practice in the city of New York. In collaboration with the medical schools the hospital is said to run other community services in the region.

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One of the key issues in the management of the hospital is the implementation of the marketing mix model concept. This is the model that was given the informal name of variables 4P's. This is a strategy that has gained popularity recently in this field and aims at generating the best response on the targeted markets through the blending of the four ps; product, price, place and promotion. In the implementation of the strategy, there is certain area that needs to be considered. In regard to the product, for this kind of hospital and other institutions in the same field, the business revolves around the trading of intangible products or services. There is also the trading of products such as the medicines and other products but it is the services that dominate the market. In the past, there was the notion that a good thing sells itself but this has changed to the latest developments and the competition too. The place is the distribution centre or the location of the institution as well as its outlets and in this case all are strategically locate.

Market mix, is based on the plan or the program being developed that will ensure that the best product. The method to be used in the execution must be care fully tackled and this is why one needs to be sure of what they are doing. There are a number of things that must be considered when it comes to the development of the prices or the charges to be implemented. The kind of clients that are expected in the institution must be considered as well as their ability to settle the various bills. The team in charge of this also performs a lot of research to establish the feasibility of every plan that the hospital intends to engage in before the actual ouzel.

The other p is on promotion deals with the creation of awareness among the cloud or among the people who should be seen as potential clients or customers. There are various methods that are used to ensure that the promotion is thorough. This includes; establishment of a lasting friendship through the one on one interaction with the clients, provision of Incentives that will facilitate the employees of the hospital does exactly that.  Other methods that could assist in the involvement of the general public into these institutions cannot be left out in these institutions. The last P is the price which is determined by the competition, market share and other factors that were also put under consideration.

 The organization's marketing and its partnerships are working very well and each and every employee must act in accordance with the various rules and regulations that govern this kind of cooperation. At times marketing becomes challenging to do it as a single entity due to some reasons such as lack of the required resources or the child. This is what may necessitate for the partnerships whose major role is to supplement the institutions in carrying out the strategic marketing process. Among the partnerships that the hospital has been involved in are the partnerships with the government over a number of projects. The second and the most obvious is the partnership with the academic institutions. These have ensured that the hospital is indeed a resource centre; there is inherent research work and capabilities in such hospitals among other among other major benefits. In other partnerships such as with the government an institution benefits with a lot of resources that can be either financial or in other forms and this strengthens these institutions in a way.

In conclusion, being located in the New York city, the target market of this hospital is very promising due to the large population of the people living and working in the city. The city is known has a population of eight million residents that amounts to 40% of the entire population of New York State. The growth of the city is very promising and there the future in terms of business looks even brighter than it is even now. The city has a lot of immigrants and though there are a number of other hospitals, the healthcare demand is still high and based on the fact that New York-Presbyterian Hospital is a large private firm that is well established, it is bound to maintain a good competitive edge. The strategies that the hospital has implemented are also bound to take it far.


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