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Free Holocaust Auschwitz State Museum Essay Sample

This is an analysis and research conducted by David Cole. This interview gives details and history behind the Auschwitz State Museum as narrated by Dr Franciszek who is the Senior curator and Head of archives of the museum. This museum is a memorial that is dedicated to the memory of all those who lost their lives in the concentration camps during the Nazi Holocaust.

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It is this camps that saw the execution of more than six million Jews and killings of more than five million non Jews who were sympathetic or allied to the Jews. However Dr Franciszek gives a lesser figure of 1.1 million. His assertion being that the number of those who died has been exaggerated by the Soviets. Execution was by way of homicidal gas that was realized in the gas chambers during the World War two.

David Cole gathers that some changes must have been made in the gas chambers however these changes are not brought to the attention of tourists or historians as the gas chambers are passed to be in their original state. Dr Franciszek claims that the extermination chambers operations were halted as it became hard to keep them secret and thus were moved elsewhere. However on the contrary the extermination chambers were in full glare of all to see. For instance the gas chambers were separated from the camp only by a barbed wire. Similarly thousands of inmates's were brought by train and marched to gas chambers. This definitely is a spectacle that could not be missed.

Dr Piper also claims that gassing of inmates took place for only 20 to 30 minutes in a day. This goes to contradict eye witness testimonies that take a contrary view. Similarly if Dr Piper assertion is true one is forced to ask why the high number of deaths if indeed only limited gassing of inmates took place. He further states that most of the gas was used for disinfection and not the killing of inmates. In conclusion what stands out is that there are various assertions about the Holocaust depending on where one stands. However of importance is to strive to ask more questions and unearth new truths in a bid to understand the Auschwitz.


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