Free Regionalism in Huckleberry Finn Essay Sample

Regionalism refers to poetry which is founded on the particular features that comprise customs, characters, history and landscape of a certain region. Realism describes any manifestation of the belief that reality exists independently from the observers in various fields. Huck Finn refers to a fictional character of Mark Twain’s creation. In the story Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the author conveys effective information using dialect regionalism and humor in the southern culture. Concisely, Adventures of Huckleberry Finnis a masterpiece that gives an account of adventures of little young Hackberry Finn in the heart of American Pre-Civil War. The author uses dramatic irony paired with symbolism throughout the story, which remarkably depicts the depth of his works.

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These particular proficiencies together with colorful characters and a number of regionalism and realist elements constitute the detailed meaning of the story. The story provides an avenue for the author to communicate his hardship in his young life as a knack of mischief. The example of realism is the adventures of Huckleberry Finn where the author brings in two characters in the story that face actual mischief concerning the issues of the Pre-Civil War period. In this masterpiece, the author leads us through a story, where a young southern child has several adventures in an attempt to find out how society works.

While the book is a realistic novel, a good number of elements satirize events that took place during the Pre-Civil War Time. Irony resurfaces in the story through satire. The book is filled with satirical outlines, that were hard to be noticed and some  were very broad. These sketches range from the opening pictures of Watson, widow Douglas to Huck’s final decision to light out the territory. Realism is defined to be a term that describes the manifestation of the faith where reality exists independently. It is therefore depicted by the fact that every character in the story has different views.

In the novel, regionalism is portrayed through Huckleberry and Jim. The epitome of regionalism is Jim who is Watson’s slave. Through this character, the author shows the agony and consequences underwent by the entire race at the corners of a dominant white society. Jim is a sign of ridiculousness and hypocrisy of one’s race feelings of individual sanctity when dominating over another race. In the event of their adventure on the raft downstream, Huck is taken by Jim under the latter’s wing.

Jim sacrifices his opportunity at liberation to take care of Tom’s wounds caused by gunshots. This is very crucial and reflects regionalism, since Tom is the cause of Jim’s freedom being put in grave danger. Secondly, regionalism is also manifested in the book through the style that Huck reacts and treats Jim in the process of travelling. The biggest struggle for Huck in the novel, is with his conscience, the kind of morals in which he was being brought up. Huck is coached to mistreat black people like property and not like fellow human beings.

When the character Huck sails towards the shore with the purpose of turning Jim in, he takes issue with the matter that he has done something wrong when he cannot successfully carry it out. This is a clear manifestation of regionalism because the character by the name Huck has taken a position against the society that is marred with corruption. Through Huck, the author invades that section of conscience that abides by the laws and morals of the society even when they are very wrong. The character Huck contravenes what he is taught in order to do what his heart feels and supports. Huck’s decision to go against the teachings when he was brought up is also the manifestation of realism in the story. According to my understanding of  Mark Twain’s book, it is true to say that the novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finnis a good example of realism and regionalism.


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